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Cloud 9 joins ADC support craze by picking Kalista

Cloud9 and CLG clashed in week 2 of the LCS Spring Split, both coming with 2-0 records in the league. However this time around, it was Cloud 9 who came on top of the meta by picking another ADC as a support thanks to the overbuffed “Hail of Blades” build. After 26 minutes of game time, Cloud 9 absolutely demolished CLG, finishing with a massive 14000 gold lead.

Cloud 9 picked a lane dominant bot lane consisting of Caitlyn plus Kalista support, an aggression focused duo that helped Cloud 9 amass a 7000 gold lead by the 20 minute mark. All of CLG’s attempts to suppress the early game prowess from Cloud 9 ended in failure, CLG was not able to bring down a single turret and only grabbed one neutral objective throughout the match, with Cloud 9 having the entire map as their playground.

Cloud 9 Zven stage picture
Cloud 9 Zven stage picture

As for Cloud 9’s unorthodox yet meta strategy, the focus is on support main Zven who decided to bring out the recent Hail of Blade supports into the LCS. Zven was the perfect fit for this strategy, as a former ADC player himself, he boasts a total of 43 Kalista games throughout his career.

Zven in the post game interview:

“I gotta make sure to use this meta while I can. I’m enjoying being able to play whatever because I’ve already played thousands of games on these champions over the years.”

Picking AD carries for the support role is a bold move, but nothing to point a finger at as around the world most supports are joining this craze. Last week, T1’s Keria was the first support to pick Kalista within that role. Zven did his research after watching the match and successfully pushed another win onto the champion. Other ADCs such as Jhin and Caitlyn have also appeared as supports recently, being a more poke focused version of the new meta.

Even after the bot lane craziness happened, it was actually Cloud 9’s top laner Fudge who ultimately carried the game to a victory. Fudge picked his mainstream champion Fiora, invading CLG’s jungler Contractz right at level 1, the jungler matchup was over after that for CLG. Fudge ended the matchup with a 4/0/9 scoreline, while recording 31% of Cloud 9’s total damage.

As for CLG, they currently stand at the middle of the pack with a 2-1 record, for a team that didn’t change a single member and is running a full North American native team, they have been able to have success within the league.

Cloud 9 will look to continue their hot streak against tough opposition, their next opponent is the undefeated Flyquest.

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