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Cloud9 EMENES Faces Backlash After Comments Made In SoloQ

EMENES has had a very busy season. After being promoted to the starting lineup in the middle of the Spring Split, he quickly gained a reputation as one of North America’s top mid laners. However, he and C9 were unable to replicate their Spring success this Summer, and they ended up in second place after losing the championship game to NRG.

However, C9 still has a lot of untapped potential and has a history of improving their performance on bigger venues abroad. Fans of NA should have high hopes for EMENES, who will get to compete against other top players.

Cloud9 EMENES Faces Backlash After Comments Made In SoloQ
Jang “EMENES” Min-soo, mid laner for Cloud9

It is no longer guaranteed that EMENES will compete for C9 at Worlds. The Korean mid laner has been called out in recent days for making negative comments against other solo queue players, including Spear_shot, a regular streamer and member of the Pantheon.

The comments made by C9 mid laner Jang ‘EMENES’ Min-soo in solo-queue have been called out and reported by other players.

Spear_shot openly shamed EMENES by tweeting screenshots of their conversation together during a Korean solo queue match. After EMENES dubbed Spear_shot a “disgusting eu streamer” in chat, the Cloud9 mid laner added, “go your country plz,” implying that EMENES had made “xenophobic comments” about other people.

Among the many streamers and content makers to weigh in on the subject is former C9 coach LS, who pointed out that EMENES’ views were inconsistent with his years of experience playing professionally in other countries. The mid laner’s last team was XL Esports, and he just recently joined C9. Similar circumstances led to his benching during the Summer Split while he was a member of that team.

After being called out by LS, the mid lane player offered an explanation:

I love and respect LCS and LEC with players, but you know, most of the time this one trick streamers flaming whole teams with huge griefing and if someone say bad things player get punish[ed] instantly? That game I was trying really hard to win, but this guy doesn’t want [to win].

He later expressed regret for his remarks and for exceeding the limit, but he gave no indication that he intended to apologize to the streamer personally.

C9 have also taken efforts to sout the situation once it erupted on social media: “We are aware of the current situation regarding our player’s behavior in-game and are addressing the matter internally,” was what Cloud9 had to say about the situation.

The current problem, though, is the effect that EMENES may have on C9 and their Worlds campaign. Caedrel said on air that Riot Games might ban EMENES from the game for breaking the rules. In that circumstance, C9 would have to either send a replacement player or go to the World Cup without a regular member of the team.

However, with no substitute on hand after disbanding its Challengers team, C9 would need to do what Wunder did for FNC and sign a free agent to serve as an emergency sub. When competing against other top teams at Worlds, C9 will need a starting mid, but who among the available free agents is skilled enough to make the cut?

There are still a lot of unknowns and things to evaluate, so check back for more information on the C9 and the player’s condition.

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