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Complexity and Cloud 9 rank 1st at last official CS GO tournament

Cloud 9 and Complexity easily defeated their final regional opponents, BIG and Team Liquid, respectively, ultimately securing the top positions at the online BLAST Fall Showdown. This tournament marked the conclusion of a historic era, with the next Counter-Strike tournament already confirmed to be played on CS2, the most recent version of the tactical shooter franchise. If you want to take advantage of CS2 betting, definitely keep an eye on both of these squads.

Even while playing on a closed game and a roster that was on the brink of collapse, Cloud 9 managed to complete an overhaul and emerged victorious in their bracket, with the exception of a single loss to an incredible G2 team. On top of that, they have recently made the decision to part ways with their former in-game leader, nafany, with them later appointing H0bbit as their new IGL. This roster change has allowed electroNic to play in a more comfortable scenario ultimately showing his true potential, as evidenced by his impressive 1.19 HLTV Rating throughout the event. Additionally, sh1ro went ballistic in this tournament, leading Cloud 9 with an exceptional 1.30 HLTV rating.

Complexity and Cloud 9 rank 1st at last official CS GO tournament
Cloud 9’s new In-game Leader Hobbit

Cloud9 was not the sole team that turned the tides in their favor this time around. Complexity, which also had recently undergone changes, finished a rather contested match against Evil Geniuses with a 2-0 victory, with only 4 rounds to spare. Soon after, Complexity emerged victorious over FURIA with a score of 2-1. Nevertheless, Complexity still exhibited signs of inconsistency mainly in their series against FURIA, as they narrowly secured victory with a scoreline of 16-14, while taking a 16-7 defeat on Overpass against the Brazilians. Even after a tumultuous series, Complexity was able to close things out and grab themselves the top spot.

EliGE, Complexity’s recent signing, had to face his former squad in Team Liquid, at the final after an extensive eight-year tenure with the North American organization. If there were any doubts regarding Complexity’s stability before this matchup, it is evident that significant improvement has been achieved, with the team effortlessly dismantling an underwhelming Team Liquid. The series was over extremely fast, as Complexity secured a 16-4 scoreline on Overpass, followed by a dominant 16-2 performance on Inferno.

Both teams have secured their positions in the BLAST Fall Finals thanks to this campaign. The upcoming tournament will serve as a valuable testing stage for the first CS2 Major of 2024. Complexity and Cloud 9 will be joining Team Vitality,NAVI , Heroic, FaZe Clan, Astralis, and Ninjas in Pyjamas as soon as the BLAST Fall Finals starts around the end of 2023. If you want to see some CS2 tips, these are the best teams in the world for you to watch!

With CS2 starting soon, keep an eye on all of our content as we’ll be covering all the action Counter-Strike has to offer. Don’t forget to bet on your favorite teams at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino, as we have a plethora of CS2 odds for you to enjoy!


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