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Complexity Set To Replace NAVI In BLAST Premier Spring Final

The BLAST Premier Spring Final in June, one of the last CSGO competitions before the transition to Counter-Strike 2, will be missed by S1mple and the rest of NAVI owing to visa complications, the tournament’s organizer revealed on May 24.

After finishing fourth through sixth at the Spring Groups in January, where they defeated Complexity in one of the single-elimination gauntlets, NAVI had already qualified for the $425,000 BLAST Premier Spring Final. According to BLAST’s rule of the 2023 regulations, Complexity will replace NAVI as they withdrew from the final.

Denis "electroNic" Sharipov, player for NaVi
Denis "electroNic" Sharipov, player for NaVi

The runner-up from the Last Chance section of the Groups would be invited if a team qualified directly from the Groups, according to the rule. Washington, D.C., will host the BLAST Premier Spring Final from June 7 to June 11. Since there are two Russians and four Ukrainians on the NAVI roster, the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War is probably to blame for the visa problems.

NAVI’s exit from the BLAST Premier Spring Final comes just one day after CIS insider John Knyaziev revealed that the Ukrainian organization was planning to fire its head coach, Andrij “B1ad3” Ghorodensjkyj, and its young player, Andrij “npl” Kukharsjkyj, following a disappointing performance in the BLAST Paris Major, where they failed to advance to the playoffs.

NAVI has plenty of time to assess their CSGO lineup before the main ESL event, IEM Cologne, at the end of July, and the probable switch to CS2, which is expected to occur after CS2 releases globally this summer. NAVI will miss the BLAST Premier Spring Final.

Johnny "JT" Theodosiou, player for Complexity
Johnny “JT” Theodosiou, player for Complexity

Complexity will go to the occasion in the nation’s capital after their forthcoming run at IEM Dallas. The team will also be able to post some better server results thanks to the two home tournaments after the Johnny “JT” Theodosiou-led lineup was eliminated from the BLAST.tv Paris Major Challengers Stage in 12–14th place earlier in May.

For Complexity, 2023 has been a hit-or-miss year; it began promisingly but has since taken a turn for the worst. They had a strong start to the season with a number of finishes in the top eight, including 7-8th at IEM Katowice, which propelled the team to its current peak position of No. 8 in the globe.

Since Katowice, the team has dropped out of the top 20 after finishing last at the EPL Season 17, getting eliminated by ECSTATIC in the ESL Challenger Melbourne pre-playoffs, and finishing 12th to 14th in the Challengers Stage of the most recent Paris Major.

The $425,000 BLAST Premier Spring Final will take place in Washington, D.C., from June 7–11, and the winner will receive a ticket to the BLAST Premier World Final at the end of the year.

Eight teams, including five from the top 10, will compete in the $425,000 tournament in Washington, D.C. Complexity will be fighting their way out of a crowded ring. This includes Heroic, who continue to be a potent team in the server despite missing out on the grand final of the aforementioned Major in France, and Vitality, who recently won the trophy at the BLAST.tv Paris Major.

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