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DetonatioN FocusMe officially sets record for winless season this year

This year has been quite promising for the Japanese VALORANT competitive scene, recording massive viewership numbers plus the only VCT Masters event of 2023 being hosted within Tokyo. Nevertheless, results wise, Japan’s VCT Pacific organizations have been totally demolished when it comes to gameplay.

DetonatioN FocusMe have officially finished their 2023 campaign without recording a single series win all year. Ultimately losing all of their 9 series during the VCT Pacific regular season, both opening round series at VCT LOCK//IN and the VCT Pacific Last Qualifier Chance event. Throughout a total of 11 matches, the Japanese squad has only won a total of 2 maps: a 13-4 result of fracture against Gen.G and a 13-9 game on Split against T1.

DetonatioN FocusMe officially sets record for winless season this year
DetonatioN FocusMe VALORANT roster

DFM’s success within other esports titles raised the expectation bar for their VALORANT squad, and sadly they have fallen short of said expectations. The last time DFM’s VALORANT squad won a best of 3 series was all the way back in May of 2022 at the Japan Challengers open qualifiers, according to statistics website vlr.gg.

As of the moment they are primed to become the only team to be winless during an entire VCT year. LATAM’s KRÜ Esports was extremely close to achieving the same feat, after losing their match in LOCK//IN and going 0-9 at VCT Americas. Nevertheless, they have mustered some strength and are currently in a miraculous run at the Americas Last Chance Qualifiers, winning 3 consecutive series and just 2 away from Champions qualification.

It might be a rough time for DFM after going winless this year, however the organization has the resources and experience to hopefully rebuild their VALORANT squad for 2024. We have seen several cases of this even within their own organization, especially within the League of Legends environment. At first the LJL was considered to be the worst League of Legends region in the world, however after clever scouting and roster management, they were able to upset the odds during the recent play-in stages.

On top of that, 2024 will introduce a 2 split format for all VCT leagues, which ultimately means more series will be played overall thus the infamous record might not stand too long. Any team could enter tougher circumstances than DFM next year, and end up with more total series lost.

DFM will most likely look at the thriving Japan Challengers scene, where teams such as SCARZ, FENNEL, and Crazy Raccoon have found success with lesser known players. They could also go the other way around, and attempt to sign players from the previous squads, taking advantage of their status as a Tier 1 organization.

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