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Dota 2 SA veteran “K1” to take break amidst DPC season

Beastcoast recently announced via social media that their regionally beloved player Héctor “K1” Rodríguez is set to start a temporary break from competitive Dota 2 to prioritize his mental health and overall well being. As an organization, Beastcoast has approved and actually supported K1’s decision after recognizing the importance of mental health issues around the scene, while ultimately deciding David “Parker” Flores will be their stand-in for the remaining matches of the current Dota Pro Circuit Season.

The announcement came at a tough time for the squad, as they recently received an unexpected defeat against a brand new South American DPC squad, Mad Kings. A loss at this point of the season might endanger Beastcoast’s 1st place push in the DPC since their direct rivals, Evil Geniuses, have managed to continue their perfect 8-0 record.

Dota 2 SA veteran “K1” to take break amidst DPC season
Beastcoast player K1

“Hector will be taking a temporary mental health break to prioritize his well-being. We fully support Hector’s decision and will provide him with the necessary support during this challenging time.” “During Hector’s absence, Parker will serve as our stand-in player for the rest of the season. We will evaluate our performance on a game-by-game basis, and as always, our focus remains on maintaining our competitive edge and achieving success.”

Beastcoast have almost finished their “standard” matchups within the South American league, as they have yet to face both of their main opposition Evil Geniuses and Thunder Awaken. All of these 3 squads have pushed their boundaries throughout 2023, with the community witnessing incredible series where you can truly see just how close all of these teams are to each other in the server. With only 2 Major slots up for grabs in the South American region, and with K1 officially taking a break for the rest of the season, Beastcoast might be 1 of the 3 top squads to miss the Bali Major this time around.

With a total of 3 matches left in the regular season, Beastcoast has to defeat Thunder Awaken and Balrogs to punch their ticket to the Bali Major without depending on external results such as Thunder Awaken’s defeat in the last couple of matches.

Beastcoast is considered one of the best current squads in the South American region, and are looking to establish themselves as a profitable organization, as the squad barely fell short of the prize pool placements in the Berlin Major, ultimately finishing 13th. While Beastcoast experienced an early exit at the Berlin Major, their direct rivals Evil Geniuses managed to finish Top 4, officially solidifying their title as the best team in the South American region this year.

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