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Doublelift faces backlash after statements on LCS walkout

The LCS walkout continues to be a massive talking point for the League of Legends community, as this situation has never happened before in the history not only of North America but of the entire competitive ecosystem. The LCSPA promoted said walkout after decisions made by Riot Games without much communication with the party, ultimately a 2 week delay for the LCS Summer Split was stated by Riot Games while they discussed with the LCSPA.

However it requires everyone, especially well known players, to be on board for it to really have an impact. Nevertheless a rather unexpected situation happened in popular bot laner Doublelift’s stream back on June 5th. LCS veteran Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng stated his opinions around the walkout, famously mentioning that if it comes to a point where Riot Games would cancel the Summer Split, he would rather play than participate on the walkout.

Doublelift faces backlash after statements on LCS walkout
LCS player Doublelift

Of course this did not sit well with the community, mainly the wording and overall careless attitude around his opinions. Even though that might not have been Doublelift’s intention, several members of the community believe these statements could lessen the walkout’s impact against Riot. Negotiations are still in place between both primary parties, thus any sort of leeway they can find could drastically change the outcome of the situation.

Unfortunately the LCS veteran has received a plethora of backlash from the community, with one of the main points being what seems a lack of understanding and knowledge on the purpose of the walkout.

Doublelift via his stream:

“If the only turning point in the negotiation is the threat of exterminating the LCS for Summer Split and canceling it, then I wouldn’t even want there to be negotiations, because that’s so crazy” “I didn’t think anyone was thinking that because we would refuse to play, that the LCS would be canceled indefinitely.”

Both the community and viewers of his stream were quick to clarify the whole point of the walkout, which is a leverage point in negotiations with Riot Games. There can’t be a live stream or competition without the players, thus it remains on Riot’s hands if they find the terms provided acceptable or if they ultimately cut one of their main sources of revenue from the competitive ecosystem.

The current start for the 2023 LCS Summer Split was placed for Thursday, June 15th if the LCSPA and Riot Games can find an agreement. However, if no common ground is found we might see absolute cancellation of the split and no North American organization attending Worlds this year. As of the moment of writing, no further updates have been released.

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