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Dplus KIA’s early aggression boots BDS out of LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss stage

Dplus KIA successfully eliminated Team BDS from the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, mainly thanks to Canyon’s exceptional performance in the best-of-three elimination series. Nevertheless, all members were focused on their survival on the international stage. Continue reading for the best information on lol betting, with several matches ahead!

Both squads were on the verge of elimination as they landed in the 0-2 bracket. However, Korean Dplus KIA has managed to secure their survival and will continue their campaign at Worlds. The enthusiastic home crowd witnessed one of their representatives completely outplay BDS, leaving no room for their European opponents to retaliate for even a second.

Dplus KIA’s early aggression boots BDS out of LoL Worlds 2023 Swiss stage
Dplus KIA mid laner Showmaker

In the initial match of the series, BDS opted for an aggressive selection of champions, including the likes of Volibear for Adam and Blitzcrank for Labrov. They actively sought early advantages through early game picks, but Dplus KIA swiftly noticed their gameplay and effectively countered any sort of approach for early skirmishes. The Korean representatives ultimately seized control of the game, securing Game 1 under 26 minutes.

As for the second game, Canyon showcased why Korean junglers are the best Leesin players of all time. He demonstrated his skill by securing two early kills and effectively dismantling Sheo in the jungle matchup. Capitalizing on his early advantage, Canyon immediately turned on his aggression levels, enabling Dplus KIA to gain advantageous positions across the map in the early game. Thanks to this early lead, they emerged victorious at the 24 minute mark, with most of their time focused on neutral objectives.

Asian squads continue to dominate the League of Legends international stage, however, there is still some hope for the West. NRG and Fnatic have been decent this time around, even though they have shown some doubt when executing their gameplan, that can be attributed to early event nervousness. The true question is, will these 2 be able to battle against the best Asian squads in the upper bracket? Sadly going by what we have seen previously, the obvious answer is no, however we have not seen behind the scenes.

Dplus KIA has landed in the 1-2 bracket. Team BDS will accompany Liquid as the first organization to be eliminated from the Swiss stage, as both Western organizations have been booted out on the same day. The Korean representative was expected as possibly the one to lose against LCS and LEC opposition, as they are considered as the weakest Korean team in the tournament. Nevertheless, they have proved doubters wrong once again, as their secret international buff is fully in effect.

The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage is set to continue including incredible matchups, with the possibility of major upsets coming soon in the tournament. League of Legends’ competitive scene is full of excitement and esports odds for you to take a look at! Don’t forget to check our content for more information and bet on esports at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino.


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