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DRX Dominates Northeption in VCT Masters Copenhagen

VALORANT VCT Masters Copenhagen started bright and early with the competition’s first series between Korea representatives DRX and Japan representatives Northeption, with DRX being the favorite according to the VALORANT odds.

DRX completely dominates Northeption in their VCT Masters

Despite both teams’ solid performances in their respective regions, there was a lot of doubt surrounding their showing in Masters. DRX has lately failed to produce international results close to their regional dominance in Masters tournaments, and this is Northeption’s first attendance to the global event.

DRX at the VCT Masters in Copenhagen
DRX at the VCT Masters in Copenhagen

DRX were able to step up, and get the better of their first opponent today with rapid victories on both Ascent and Bind, unfortunately sending Northeption down into an elimination match.

Northeption chose Ascent as the first map of the series, which has also been a staple map for DRX. DRX started off with a strong pistol round that snowballed through the first round. Once Northeption could have a decent buy, they achieved four rounds in a row, taking some advantage with their defense. Nevertheless, DRX stopped the comeback as every player stepped up to the task and took the half with a 8-4 scoreline.

In the first round of the second half, Northeption waited rather weirdly until there were less than 30 seconds left to push and plant the spike at B site. Despite losing the round, they still continued with this strategy of playing slowly and meticulously throughout the entirety of the second half. The strategy finally started to pay off after a while, and Northeption got a few rounds under their bag, mostly pushing off of Meteor’s positional predictions of DRX. As one of their star players, if not the best player on the roster, Northeption needed Meteor to step up after constantly losing so many rounds in a row.

It was clear that Northeption’s confidence was growing with every round they won, as screams across the Masters Copenhagen stage were heard from the team. On the back of an amazing round for Rb, DRX were able to turn the tides of the map back into their favor and closed up Ascent with a winning scoreline of 13-8.

Moving to Bind, both teams decided to bet on a double controller draft, but Northeption decided to put Meteor on Neon, while Rb went for Raze as a heavy carry. After taking the site and defending the post-plant situation, DRX took a flawless first round on Bind which set the tempo for the rest of the match. A technical pause didn’t break their tempo, as they took the second round of the map.

Northeption adapted to the positioning of DRX pushing onto B site for the third time in a row and prevented the bonus round from kicking in. Northeption sadly had issues executing on defense, and DRX switched to a slow tempo through the game to go up 13-1 rather easily.

This dominant showing wasn’t a surprise from DRX. They showed they are comfortable in their composition and new strategies adapted from other regions. After unfortunate international showings in the past, DRX seems way more prepared to face international opponents in the rest of the competition.

DRX will play their next match on July 12th. Northeption, as mentioned before, faces elimination in their next match on the same day, where they will face the losing team from the FPX vs. XERXIA series.

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