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DSG unveils NACL roster

Disguised, who won the respect of the League of Legends community in North America last year, has revealed its starting lineup for the 2024 NA Challengers League. The squad consists of a group of young, homegrown talent who will be returning to the stage this year. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Disguised is still a young Esports organization, but it’s NACL team gave it one of its biggest victories last year. Disguised, made up of FakeGod, Tomio, Young, Meech, Zeyzal, Goldenglue, and Rast, won the NACL 2023 Championship by defeating Evil Geniuses Challengers 3-1. Regretfully, Disguised had to release its roster in order to pursue better alternatives to advance their League of Legends careers because the NACL didn’t offer many options for advancement to the LCS. With Zeyzal, FakeGod, and Tomio currently competing for Shopify Rebellion and GoldenGlue and Meech at 100 Thieves, that was the wisest course of action for everyone. Young returned to Disguised this year after playing for Team Fish Taco momentarily alongside Meech. Disguised was an extremely successful venue for rising League of Legends players to get their start.

DSG unveils NACL roster
New DSG member, Tenacity, with former team 100 Thieves

Disguised has brought in former 100 Thieves top laner Tenacity and previous Dignitas support Poome to manage a group of three talented players: AD carry prospect Minui, former Cincinnati Fear jungler Perry, and Golden Guardians rookie Young. This roster will need to depend on its more seasoned players to mentor them during the season because their core is so young.

In its first season in the league, this newly formed organization won the 2023 NACL Summer Playoffs after establishing its League division the previous year. They have added 2 players with some LCS background for 2024, but Young will be the only member of that winning roster to return. Poome and Tenacity have previously competed versus players with LCS grade skill and have picked up tips from some of the top players in the country. After entering the 100 Thieves developmental system in 2020, Tenacity has played against top players such as Ssumday, Closer, Bjergsen, Doublelift, FBI, and Huhi, despite taking a half-year break. Poome recently shared the field with players like Rich, Jensen, and Santorin at Dignitas in a similar manner.

In exactly one week, the new NACL squad from Disguised will make its premiere. They will face off versus AOE Esports, FlyQuest Challengers, Cincinnati Fear, Maryville University, Team Liquid Challengers, Supernova, Wildcard Gaming, and the top 2 squads from the NACL Spring 2024 Promotion, LiT Esports and Mirage Alliance.

With the hiring of former general manager Nicholas “Inero” Smith, Disguised has not only secured a good roster but also a talented coach. Before Golden Guardians departed the LCS due to the league’s reorganization, the 29-year-old veteran assisted in transforming the group from an afterthought into an actual contender for the championship in 2023, helping the squad reach the Mid-Season Invitational following an unexpected run to the LCS Finals throughout the Spring Split. On Saturday, January 20, when the 2024 NACL Spring Split gets underway, you may witness Disguised’s new roster in action.

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