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dupreeh out of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, the first player to win 5 Major titles and attend every Major in CS:GO, has already solidified his status as a legend in the game. Dupreeh went back to playing with his compatriots to try and qualify for the first CS2 Major, which also claims to be the first Major held in his home country, after Vitality decided to replace him after their BLAST Paris Major victory. Preasy was eventually unable to guarantee that dupreeh would continue to attend every Counter-Strike Major, even with his outstanding personal contribution. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Preasy Esport lost the final bo3 match against Guild Eagles and formally departed from the competition at the RMR with a record of 1-3. Fans are deeply disappointed by the unexpected defeat, which also signals the end of Counter-Strike’s greatest Major attendance run. The recent acquisition of dupreeh in December 2023 made Preasy a contender for the Copenhagen Major European RMR B. Preasy was predicted to scrape into the top half of the field even though division B is the more competitive portion of the race. Two more top contenders, Heroic and OG, were eliminated in straight best-of-one matches due to unfortunate bracket luck. Preasy was unable to finish each game despite putting up nine rounds. It received a much-needed break with a strong 2-1 victory over Pera, capping a 13-1 showing on Nuke. But Guild Eagles proved to be too much for the Danish pile. Preasy lost the series 1-2, which put an end to dupreeh’s dreams of going to the Copenhagen Major.

dupreeh out of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024
dupreeh playing on stage to qualify for PGL Major

Sadly, the majority of supporters concur that Dupreeh’s current squad, Preasy, has the poorest lineup he has ever been a part of. The 2 other players, Altekz and TMB, were incredibly unskilled, even though he was accompanied by more seasoned gamers like refrezh and roeJ. Preasy lacked an AWPer, which added to their lack of firepower compared to all the other elite teams. Dupreeh and Refrezh tried their hardest, but the rest of Preasy lost their footing and let the ball drop. After 11 years, Dupreeh would eventually miss his first Major, when Overpass defeated him 13–9. With a KD of 51/42 and a 1.25 rating, dupreeh was the highest-rated player in the elimination series versus the Guild Eagles. Regretfully, his valiant efforts proved insufficient to propel his squad to victory.

As dupreeh will no longer have the unique distinction of competing in every Valve-funded Counter-Strike Major, Preasy Esport’s loss also represents the loss of one of Counter-Strike’s greatest accomplishments. Dupreeh participated in every Global Offensive Major ever held, ranging from the 2023 BLAST Paris Major to DreamHack Winter 2013. He also has the record with the most Major titles, having won five. With Astralis, he won the majority of those trophies, while with Vitality, he won one last championship.

Although in theory there were “Majors” prior to the release of Global Offensive, Valve did not formally support them. Technically, DreamHack Winter 2012 with 3DMAX was dupreeh’s first major. Dupreeh still has the record for the most Counter-Strike Major attendance, at 19, despite ending his run.

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