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ESL releases statement on CS2 bugs ahead of IEM Sydney

Counter Strike 2 is officially out not only for casual players but also for the competitive scene as well. With its release, CS2 sadly came with a plethora of bugs which might impact your CS2 predictions within the soon to start IEM Sydney tournament. The tournament organizer, ESL, has shared a statement regarding said CS2 bugs after a lot of vocal concerns coming from professional players via social media.

IEM Sydney’s tournament organizer has a tough challenge ahead, as they are the first Tier 1 tournament using Counter Strike 2 instead of CS GO. Both professional and casual players are constantly finding new bugs daily, with CS2’s release back on September 27th portraying the game as “unfinished”. ESL’s new protocols were released 2 weeks prior to the tournament starting, with them clarifying the situation for the community:

ESL releases statement on CS2 bugs ahead of IEM Sydney
IEM Sydney announcement poster

“Bugs and issues are to be expected, and we will adapt accordingly,” “We encourage you to report any and all bugs, exploits, and issues to us so that we can work together to identify, attempt to develop any potential solutions, and conclude on things.”

On top of that, ESL has released what seems to be a list including cs2 tips, which details all boosts and pixel walks that are considered legal or illegal within their tournaments. This is not a brand new process ESL has to go through, with the organizers creating a similar list for CS GO. Its main purpose is not only to detail illegal bugs but also be an avenue for professional players to report them directly to Valve and ESL, as soon as they experience them.

Some professional players have been more vocal than others on the matter, with pros such as NiKo and dev1ce directly stating that CS2 is not ready for competitive play before the announcement of IEM Sydney.

Even though there are several complaints, other pros like FalleN and Twistzz believe implementing CS2 in a competitive environment is the fastest way to improve the game. ESL did have a tough decision on their hands, however it ultimately makes more sense to play under the current edition of the game as soon as their Pro League finished this past week.

Valve has not been silent on the bug situation, with them constantly pushing updates almost daily to the platform in order to cut them out as soon as possible. Feedback is also reviewed via social media and in-game reports, which Valve is also handling on a daily basis to maintain a record of all possible bugs.

IEM Sydney will be the first taste of competitive CS2 and is set to run from October 16th till the 22nd. The tournament invited a total of 16 teams from all around the globe, most notably including Team Vitality, ENCE, G2 Esports, and recent ProLeague champion MOUZ.

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