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Despite tech issues, Entity qualifies for The International 11

Entity qualifies for The International 11

Technical difficulties may have been prominent in Western Europe’s qualifiers for The International 11 2022, but that didn’t seem to be any trouble for Entity from absolutely demolishing every single team who stood in their path to Dota 2’s most coveted tournament.

Every big-name team confronted Entity including Alliance, Team Liquid, and Team Secret which got double eliminated in a 5-0 series that saw just a single game go over the 40-minute mark. That is the kind of performance Entity showed during this qualifier event, as the youngsters went undefeated and secured their ticket to The International 11.

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However, as mentioned in the title, the entirety of the WEU qualifier experienced technical issues, server problems, and long wait time between games that in fact could have affected the outcome of some of the games. Mainly within the third game between Into the Breach and Secret which got delayed an entire day.

Arguably the dodgiest game came during Team Secret’s series against Team Liquid, where most of the plays that happened were clearly a sign of the lag and FPS drops that players were dealing with, it got to the point where two players even jokingly suggested that no team should use ultimates since it might further deteriorate the servers.

Sadly that game wasn’t the only one affected by technical problems, with Goonsquad, Team Liquid, and a plethora of other teams mentioning that they had also been affected throughout the day of the qualifier.

This situation was communicated directly with Valve and PGL administration in hopes of getting a fix or at least a patch for the event, something that unfortunately did not happen.

As for Secret, Entity seemed to have full confidence against the juggernauts as they easily finished a 2-0 lead over Captain Puppey and his team, which honestly looked exhausted after almost 12 hours of competition. The third game and last game was the only rather close game in the finals, but ultimately Secret were not able to continue their early lead.

Entity was clearly the favorite coming into the event and more likely than not, would have ended up securing the qualifier even with server issues thrown in the mix, but this is another poor showing from both Valve and PGL when it comes to hosting such a competitive tournament.

Outside of the issues, both Team Liquid and Team Secret still have a chance to attend The International 11, as both will be going to Singapore to battle in The International 11 Last Chance Qualifier. This will have a total of 12 second and third-place teams from each region’s respective qualifier competing from October 8th to the 12th, to see who secures the final two spots for the main event.

If Team Secret is able to show some of the already known LAN prowess, Puppey might be able to keep his. The International attendance record to date. He is currently the only player to have attended every single year of The International since winning the first TI with NAVI around 2011.

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