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Evil Geniuses overcomes Sentinels

Following a nightmare in 2023, Evil Geniuses faced numerous issues in 2024. The two surviving members of the championship team were Jawgemo and Potter. Two months before the Americas season began, Potter had to rebuild. In spite of the short turnaround time, EG prevailed in their first game and made it into the Kickoff Playoffs. After surprising everyone by defeating LOUD on Ascent, they were unable to finish the game and were eliminated to go to Madrid. Evil Geniuses lost to G2 Esports to begin their VCT Americas League Split 1. They went down 0–2 against Cloud9 in their season opener, despite having a great start. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

EG was in a terrible condition going into the VCT Americas Superweek; they needed to win at least 1 game to have a chance to make the playoffs. With their current performance, their best chance came versus KRU Esports, who were a simpler opponent than Sentinels, the Madrid Champions, even though they put up a strong show. The two teams have a lengthy history of playing one another, particularly Potter and Kaplan. Potter also tweeted about it with a tongue-in-cheek tone. Sentinels continued to be greatly favored in this match, and EG might lose 0-4.

Evil Geniuses overcomes Sentinels
Evil Geniuses roster together

On map 1, Lotus, EG ended the pistol round with a 1v1, hoping to gain some early momentum. Jawgemo then made a 3K to put them ahead by two early. In the bonus round, Jawgemo secured another three kills, and EG was leading 3-0 at the beginning. Not letting up, the Evil Geniuses took five in a row. They secured a halftime lead shortly after that. SEN eventually received their first following, naturally, a TenZ 3K. That very well could have saved Lotus for them, giving them momentum for a couple rounds further. The pistol round in the 2nd half was all SEN, which gave the Madrid winners an opportunity to retaliate. and that they had a chance to fight. They were within 2 rounds very quickly. At this point, Sentinels returned to knot it, leaving EG absolutely bewildered. After one round, SEN had a double-digit advantage. What first appeared to be an EG thumping was instead a near faultless 2nd half for Sentinels. They showed no mercy to Evil Geniuses with their resilience, not even conceding a single round as the attackers

EG lost 2–10 in the 1st half of Bind. Now, their last hope of making the playoffs is utterly destroyed if they lose the map. Furthermore, they would have a lower chance of making it to VALORANT Champions 2024 if they lost. But EG returned and made a change. They won 11 rounds in the 2nd half, closing the map 13–11 and forcing Sunset.


Sentinels and EG traded blows on Sunset, with EG’s onslaught led by Jawgemo blowing past Sentinels in the 2nd half after the first finished in a draw. With the impressive triumph over one of the top teams in the Americas, EG accomplished another dream run by rallying from a 2–10 deficit. Next up for playoff contention and championship points is Evil Geniuses versus NRG.

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