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F0rest’s CS GO Tier 1 comeback left fans expecting more

The CS GO fan base is highly critical and simply expects the best out of the professional players they watch in Tier 1 events. This time around the community’s expectations for CS GO legend f0rest’s return to Tier 1 play were sky high, after the Swedish player signed as a stand-in for Fnatic’s push in IEM Dallas. Sadly for everyone involved, the legendary player was not able to fulfill them.

Fnatic faced an early exit from IEM Dallas in the opening day back on May 29th, thanks to defeats against MOUZ and South American based squad 9z. Fnatic signed f0rest as a last minute replacement for key piece KRIMZ, leaving the Swedish rifler without much time to practice with the team before the competition. Most fans believe Fnatic’s elimination is not solely because of him, however he definitely struggled to make an impression and ultimately was one of the lowest rated players of the tournament.

CS GO player f0rest

Statistics such as: 0.76 average rating, 54 total kills, 80 total deaths, and 59.5% ADR showcase the lack of firepower provided by him at IEM Dallas. As a quick comparison, RoeJ, the second lowest rated player, recorded a 0.97 average rating

Of course as mentioned above, f0rest has been away from competitive play and the professional scene as a full time player since being signed by Dignitas, which the organization later closed back in May 2022. Soon after his playing time under the North American organization, he left the scene barely a month later.

A plethora of fans and members of the CS GO community still believe he has the experience to at least guide a team to success, even if his legendary firepower is not fully there anymore. In a past interview with Thorin back in September 2022, f0rest supported this idea by comparing himself with football star Cristiano Ronaldo saying he would play well while being 34 years old.

F0rest via Thorin’s interview:

“Put me in FaZe and I’m certain I would perform at a level that shocks people, I’m not done.”

The future is uncertain for f0rest, the veteran has not provided more context or his future steps after the early IEM Dallas elimination, with the fan base splitting 50/50 on what they think is the best for the legendary player. While it is rather unfair to blame f0rest for Fnatic’s downfall in the tournament, you can still say he definitely needs more playing time and preparation if he wants to play against strong players from CS GO’s Tier 1 scene.

One thing is certain, f0rest’s legacy will not be forgotten even after his latest showcase.

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