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Faker Has Received Multiple Offers From LCS Teams for 2023 Season

According to reports, the best League of Legends player of the history, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, has been receiving a few offers from different North American teams. It is undeniable that Faker is the League of Legends GOAT, with multiple titles under his belt, including three world championships, something that no one else has managed to achieve. He has built a long-lasting career with T1 as he has been playing for the team for a long time now.

When you think of T1, you automatically think of Faker as they have always been a duo that is inseparable and won many trophies in history. However, there has been a report that signaled a possible separation of T1 and the legendary player. Multiple North American teams have shown interest in signing the South Korean mid laner. Moreover, it is stated that Team Liquid even made an official offer to the player. Ofcourse, he still has the option to stay in Korea with T1, which is the most likely thing to happen.

Lee Sang-hyeok is considering transferring to the North American league
Lee Sang-hyeok is considering transferring to the North American league

Faker’s professional gaming career started way back in 2013 with T1, and he’s stayed with them throughout the whole thing. Throughout his career, Faker won many LCK trophies, even though he is the only remaining player from the original 2013 roster, making him the most successful League of Legends player of all time. He also won two MSI titles in the past few years. Even though he has shown some inconsistency throughout his career, even in his ninth season, Faker still found a way to reach the 2022 World Championship Grand Final.

Also, Team Liquid signed Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-hwan as its new head coach for the LCS 2023 season. MaRin used to be one of the most respected and winningest top laners of all time and is now out of retirement. Team Liquid actually made an offer to Faker, and MaRin’s arrival might be very useful to convince the South Korean mid laner. Let’s not forget that MaRin and Faker used to be teammates back in the day and they formed one of the most successful duos in the history of competitive League of Legends.

Lee Sang-hyeok seen during the 2022 World Championship
Lee Sang-hyeok seen during the 2022 World Championship

Now, all things considered we have to be as realistic as possible, even if FlyQuest had interest and Team Liquid actually did make an offer for Faker, he will most likely stay in South Korea and play for T1. Not too long ago, in his previous deal with the team, he was also given some shares of the team and if he decides to leave the organization, then he might be forced to sell or get rid of his shares as that’s exactly what happened with Bjergsen when he left TSM to join Team Liquid.

Ultimately we are talking about the North American region, and anything is possible if we consider the economical and MaRin factor. Sure, if Faker wants to rack in more Worlds titles it would of course be best for him to stay in the LCK. He is the only player on the T1 roster whose contract will end today. The other four remaining players still have more time left in their contracts with T1. If Faker joins LCS for next season, then Team Liquid is definitely going to be one of the strongest teams in the league.

This 2023 League of Legends Off-season is turning out to be one of the most interesting ones we’ve had in a while, with teams like FlyQuest spending a big amount of money on different players of high renown, so make sure you don’t miss out on the rest of our content. We’ll be covering the entirety of the 2023 League of Legends Off-season plus other tournaments and sharing our esports picks with you! Don’t forget to bet on esports at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino. We’ve plenty of lol odds for you to take a look at and fully enjoy.

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