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FaZe Clan takes the first CS2 Tier 1 tournament IEM Sydney

FaZe Clan emerged victorious at IEM Sydney, securing a remarkable win over Complexity in a thrilling Counter Strike grand final. The intense match concluded with a nail biting double overtime on Game 3, ultimately leading FaZe Clan to claim the title. Keep reading for the best information on esports betting odds!

FaZe faced a challenging path right from the start, being placed in the lower bracket after an unexpected defeat against GamerLegion. However, thanks to karrigan’s leadership and positivity, they ultimately emerged victorious in the group stage, the playoff bracket, and ultimately, the grand final.

FaZe Clan takes the first CS2 Tier 1 tournament IEM Sydney
FaZe CS2 player and IEM Sydney MVP rain

The European side conceded Overpass to a determined Complexity team, who had their sights set on securing North America’s first CS trophy in almost half a decade. Despite mounting a massive comeback on Nuke, Complexity was still favored to win it all. However, just as they had demonstrated throughout the entire event, FaZe persevered and managed to push for a decisive third game on Ancient.

FaZe took the lead early this time around, with rain delivering an outstanding performance. However, Complexity’s hallzerk also stepped up in his hometown, mirroring the Norwegian’s mechanics by securing a total of 33 kills and helping Complexity regain their footing in the latter stages of the game.

Complexity managed to make a remarkable comeback from being 3-10 down, equalizing the score at 12-12 and pushing the match into overtime. The intense trades captivated the Sydney crowd as they witnessed a thrilling head to head with both squads not letting any mistakes go unpunished. Despite the fierce competition, FaZe ultimately prevailed, preventing EliGE from securing his second IEM Sydney victory. Instead, it was karrigan, rain, and Twistzz who proudly lifted the trophy for the second time, solidifying their dominance.

The title comes at a weird time for FaZe members, as there are several rumors suggesting changes are coming to the lineup in the near future. Sources state that Twistzz is set to go back to Team Liquid alongside Cadian, in order to push the North American organization back into winning ways. On top of that, Saudi Arabian side Team Falcons is on the lookout to sign karrigan, rain, and ropz to form a superteam after the signing of head coach zonic.

Even though the IEM Sydney was an absolute success, it is not considered a “Major” tournament per Valve’s ruleset and sponsorship, with most fans expecting the first CS2 Major to take place in 2024. Now that the Australian event is over, the off season period is fully underway and if rumors are true, FaZe might need to find an almost entirely new roster for 2024.

With CS2 officially underway, keep an eye on all of our content as we’ll be covering all the action Counter Strike has to offer. Don’t forget to bet on your favorite teams at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino, as we have a plethora of CS2 odds for you to enjoy!

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