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FaZe secure a spot for Copenhagen Major

FaZe has confirmed their attendance to the PGL Copenhagen Major, where Finn “karrigan” Andersen will take the helm of the international team in his first Major played at home. The Turkish team was sent to the dreaded 2-2 pool after the international stars defeated Eternal Fire in 2 games. After defeating 9 Pandas and Falcons in their initial games at the RMR, FaZe advanced to the IEM Katowice grand final and only lost to G2. When they reflect on their most recent Major qualifying cycle, during which they had to endure the demanding Last Chance Qualifier, they will be exhaling with relief. Though they are not exactly at the top, Eternal Fire is a team that has received a lot of attention lately for their impressive growth and performances, despite facing some of the finest teams in the globe. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


FaZe Karrigan playing on stage
FaZe Karrigan playing on stage

Even though Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli and his team were handicapped and lost all three pistol rounds on Overpass, they were still able to mount a strong defense and force their map into overtime. In the end, FaZe’s consistency overshadowed Eternal Fire’s eagerness to induce chaos in key rounds, and the international squad was able to lift the map deep into it, 19-17. Buğra “Calyx” Arkın had to rescue his team in extra rounds with a huge 1vs4 clutch. The two most prolific players on Overpass were Broky and Ropz, with 30 and 27 kills respectively. Ropz’s rating of 1.29 indicated how important he was to the team’s success.


After they were on Nuke, Karrigan and his team had no trouble winning; they overcame a 0–3 disadvantage on the T side to gain an 8–4 lead at the half. They lost the second pistol round, but they fought back with a forcebuy, and they won 13-5 with ease after that. Håvard “rain” Nygaard led his team with an outstanding ADR on both maps, making his performance especially remarkable. Through the series, FaZe was able to outmaneuver their opponents with ease thanks to their well-coordinated team play and strategic execution. Even with their greatest efforts and the expertise of players like İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş and Özgür “woxic” Eker, Eternal Fire could not hold off FaZe’s assault. FaZe Clan emerged victorious 2-0, with superior game control and all-encompassing strategy evident in the scores on Overpass and Nuke. But Eternal Fire’s troubles are far from over; on the penultimate day of the RMR, MAJ3R and company will compete for a final chance to qualify for the Major after being sent to the 2-2 decider pool.


With this victory, FaZe Clan not only advances to the Major but also gives their next opponents a serious warning. The team seized the second chance to guarantee their place in the Copenhagen CS2 Major. They have demonstrated once more that they have their sights set on the pinnacles of CS2 esports. The inaugural CS2 Major, the PGL Copenhagen Major, will take place from March 17–31, 2024. With a $1.25 million prize pool, the top Counter-Strike teams compete in this tournament.


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