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Flyquest is already making moves this offseason – League of Legends

Flyquest wasted no time with their new roster moves, as ex-TSM jungler Spica has reached a verbal agreement with FlyQuest to be part of its League of Legends squad in 2023, reported by independent League journalist Brieuc Seeger. The former LCS MVP has been a part of TSM since 2019 but was released by the organization earlier in the year.

Spica’s contract was about to expire at the end of the 2022 season, but TSM allowed him to be released in September to have total freedom and explore the free agency market with enough time. It seems he will join a FlyQuest team that has been finishing in the mid-table for the last couple of seasons.

Flyquest logo released by the organization
Flyquest logo released by the organization

Going into this offseason, FlyQuest not only decided to sign players, as they brought in ex-100 Thieves general manager Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith as its new president to build the squad from the ground up, and the veteran team builder is already making a couple of switch-ups to turn the team around into a winning side. On top of the reported signing of Spica, FlyQuest has also allegedly finished an agreement to sign up veteran top laner Impact in order to bring some consistency to the roster, according to LEC Wooloo. The impact was released by Evil Geniuses just a couple of days ago into the free-agent market. It appears Impact decided to land with FlyQuest for the 2023 season.

The rest of FlyQuest’s 2023 lineup remains as an absolute mystery as of the moment, with main carry roles in the mid-lane and bot lane positions still to be rumored about or even announced by the organization. The team will reportedly miss its breakout mid-laner Toucouille for the 2023 season, who is apparently set to fly back to his home country France for the LFL. FlyQuest has also shown some interest in T1 mid-laner Faker (although it seems extremely unlikely for the move to happen), according to Blix.gg. Faker is about to enter unrestricted free agency this week.

As for Spica, he’ll be taking the role of staple Latin American FlyQuest jungler Josedeodo, who was allowed to explore his options by the team earlier in the month. FlyQuest as a whole seems to be looking for proven NA LCS players looking for redemption or a place to shine after a rough season, such as Impact who is coming from a tough Worlds performance, and Spica who fell from grace playing with TSM.

Pro League teams will be allowed to announce changes as official when most players’ contracts begin to expire this week.

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