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Flyquest picks up Grayhound roster

By signing the skill set of the previous Grayhound lineup, FlyQuest has taken a risk in the Counter-Strike 2 esports landscape. The lineup that would represent FlyQuest in future tournaments was revealed via their Twitter channel, thrilling fans. Famous players ALISTAIR, DEXTER, LIAZZ, VEXITE, and INS are on the team, and each one offers a special set of skills. FlyQuest is expected to benefit greatly from their varied experience and competitive playing track record as they get ready for their first big test at IEM Chengdu 2024. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Christopher “dexter” Nong’s team will be optimistic about making it to the next Major after The Mongolz’s journey through the top 16 in Copenhagen gave Asia an additional spot in Shanghai. The Australian Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith, President and CGO of FlyQuest, refuted the idea that the signing is connected to the region’s increased allocation of Major slots. Apart from Dexter, the core of the Grayhound lineup had been with the team since September 2022. They qualified for and attended the BLAST.tv Paris Major and the IEM Rio Major, though they did not place highly in either competition. The club re-acquired Dexter heading into 2024, following an extended and rather successful tenure with MOUZ and a brief period with Fnatic.

Flyquest picks up Grayhound roster
New Flyquest player, aliStair, playing on stage with former Grayhound team

But when the team failed to make it to the first CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen, their worst nightmares came true. Grayhound Gaming, which had been around for 7 years, closed less than a week after losing to the Chinese squad Lynn Vision at the final RMR hurdle. The company released a brief statement on X stating that the journey has sadly ended. The consensus is that Grayhound’s closure was caused by a lack of financial stability, even though an official explanation was not provided. After all, losing the Major meant forfeiting a sizeable amount of sticker capsule money, which is essential for many smaller teams. IGL Dexter released a statement when Grayhound closed, making it clear that the players planned to remain together in the hopes of locating a new home.

FlyQuest has now enabled those dreams to come true. Over the previous few years, FlyQuest has routinely placed in the top half of the LCS, and in 2020, they made it to Worlds. As of this writing, their current League roster has already guaranteed a spot at MSI this year and is scheduled to compete in the LCS Spring grand finals on March 31. Under the FlyQuest Red brand, FlyQuest also participates in the women’s CS2 and VALORANT competitions in North America.

FlyQuest’s choice to bring such a potent lineup to CS2 is indicative of both the team’s calculated approach to esports growth and their commitment to create a big impression on the competitive scene. All eyes will be on this lineup as IEM Chengdu 2024 draws near to see if they can continue to win under the FlyQuest banner. There are sixteen teams competing in the tournament, which takes place in the first half of April. Tier 1 Counter-Strike will be introduced to Chinese fans at IEM Chengdu, where top teams will compete for a $250,000 prize pool.

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