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FlyQuest Stomps 100 Thieves In LCS 2023 Spring Split Playoffs

The first series of the LCS Spring playoffs were dominated by FlyQuest, who knocked the scorching-hot 100 Thieves straight into the bottom bracket. The quick-fashion sweep was finished in just over 90 minutes, with the second game taking a little longer than necessary because FlyQuest was down 5,000 gold.

Their 3-0 triumph was much-needed after the team entered the postseason on a 6-4 run that saw them slip to the second seed in the Spring Playoffs behind Cloud9. FlyQuest has quickly scheduled a trip to the LCS Finals Weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. If they win just one more League playoff series, they will be guaranteed a spot in the LCS grand finals.

FlyQuest will face the winner of the Cloud9 vs CLG series
FlyQuest will face the winner of the Cloud9 vs CLG series

FQ returned to “The Prince Show,” with the MVP candidate returning to form to post a tremendous single-series score of 8/3/29. That massive haul amounts to a single-series KDA of 12.3—the greatest of any pro League player in the game. Prince was also elected to the LCS’ second All-Pro team earlier this week, finishing second only behind C9 ADC Berserker in the poll. Now they have advanced to the upper bracket semifinals with this victory, where they will face the winner of the first-round clash between C9 and CLG.

For 100 Thieves, their seven-game winning streak that catapulted them from eighth to third position in three weeks came to an end. If the team hadn’t gone on a tear to clinch a spot in the upper bracket, they’d be out right now, since it took a heroic effort for 100T to make the top four. The Thieves now face an even greater obstacle, as a full-fledged lower bracket run remains between them and a position in the Spring Finals.

Alan "Busio" Cwalina, support for 100 Thieves
Alan “Busio” Cwalina, support for 100 Thieves

Although they have one more chance to advance to the 2023 LCS Spring Split playoffs, the 100 Thieves hype train has come to a halt. The team entered the postseason on a seven-game victory streak from the regular season, but were quickly humbled by the league’s second-best League of Legends team.

Can “Closer” Elik of 100 Thieves has been playing at a superstar level during their recent win run, enabling the rest of his team with immaculate engages and bold attacks on opponent backlines. He did, however, win the most games on Viego during the spring split. Since the 24-year-old has been one of the team’s top performers and Viego and Lee Sin are two of his strongest champions, FlyQuest targeted him with bans as a strategic move.

Similarly, Busio had a somewhat quiet — but effective — last regular season week, and his best performances of the Spring Split have unquestionably come on Rakan. The 19-year-old youngster has won four of five games on the Charmer and has demonstrated exceptional skill on the champion. FlyQuest significantly reduced Busio’s effectiveness by excluding his greatest champion.

Closer and Busio were responsible for 22 of 100 Thieves’ 47 team deaths in their 3-0 loss to FlyQuest. Closer was forced to play Xin Zhao several times, a champion he hadn’t even faced this year. Busio, on the other hand, had only played one game of Thresh this season, despite the Chain Warden being one of his champions with the most games played.

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