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FNATIC eliminated against Team Liquid at MSI

As the first team eliminated from the Bracket Stage, this time by Team Liquid, and the fifth team eliminated from the Mid-Season Invitational, we bid Fnatic farewell. Following their respective losses in the upper bracket quarterfinal earlier this week, Liquid and Fnatic squared off on the Summoner’s Rift in an attempt to prolong their stay in Chengdu, China. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

After four games, Liquid emerged victorious to advance to MSI through the lower bracket. The LCS Spring Split winners will now have to wait for T1 or Bilibili Gaming, or another team, to drop out of the lower bracket. To put things in perspective, BLG is the top seed in the LPL after winning the most recent Spring Split, while T1 is the current world champion.

FNATIC eliminated against Team Liquid at MSI
FNATIC eliminated against Team Liquid at MSI


Backstory in the series

Though the LEC had a strong record against the LCS—particularly at MSI—many had expected Fnatic to advance to the next round. However, Liquid had something to say about that, particularly Eain “APA” Stearns, who managed to deliver strong performances throughout the series despite all of the mid-game trash-talking. APA’s Taliyah finished the first game against Fnatic with seven kills, eight assists, and just three deaths.

Not only did it happen in the opening game, but it also happened in games three and four when Fnatic was unable to handle his Aurelion Sol and Tristana. To put APA’s performance in even more perspective, consider that his Aurelion Sol had 10 assists, 5 kills, and only 2 deaths. He would go on to record 8 kills with two deaths and two assists in Tristana. But in those four games, Sean “Yeon” Sung also displayed excellent poise and maturity, so APA wasn’t winning by themselves. In the first and fourth games, his Lucian was on par with other elite AD carries at MSI at the moment. In the first game, Yeon recorded 6 kills, 2 deaths, and 7 assists. In the 4th game, she achieved even more success with 7 kills, one death, and 5 assists. With just two deaths, he recorded 8 kills and seven assists, but it was his Varus that looked really menacing.

Many fans anticipated an intensely contested series going into today. Both Fnatic and Team Liquid had drawn challenging opponents for the first round. Both teams refused to give up, and the games were closer than the scores would have suggested despite the latter’s expectations.

In this series, Team Liquid started off strong, but Fnatic answered quickly. After a thrilling finish, Fnatic was kicked out of MSI 2024 after failing to advance the series to Silver Scrapes (series ended 3–1). Meanwhile, Team Liquid carries on with their MSI adventure.


NA in the big stage

Although North America hasn’t been very good on the international scene lately, especially when it comes to Eastern League teams, this victory over a Western team puts them in position to play the winner of the T1 vs. BLG match to extend their lower bracket run in the competition. With Fnatic’s early withdrawal, G2 Esports is the only team left with any chance of survival in Europe. League of Legends’ competitive scene is full of excitement and esports odds for you to take a look at! Don’t forget to check our content for more information and bet on esports at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino.

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