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FNATIC will replace Cloud9 at YaLLa Compass

Given that Cloud9 was unable to register a complete lineup in time, Fnatic will take Cloud9’s place in Abu Dhabi for YaLLa Compass. This is understandable given that some players have not yet been added to the starting lineup following the most recent roster changes. Earlier, there had been indications on the team’s social media accounts that the new roster would be revealed soon. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


FNATIC will replace Cloud9 at YaLLa Compass
FNATIC player, bodyy, competing on stage for them

Tournament organizers Compass welcomed Fnatic in a post on X following Cloud9’s inability to register a complete lineup before the deadline. As a result of their subpar performances, the American team made some squad changes. Since Cloud9 hasn’t added any more players, they are unable to take part in the LAN competition YaLLa Compass, which gets underway next week. The invitation to replace the team now goes to Fnatic. So, Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson will be playing his first LAN match since the ESL Pro League. Benjamin “blameF” Bremer will be playing for the team for the first time in a live event.

Cloud9’s decisions

Cloud9 had to withdraw from ESL Pro League Season 19 and BetBoom Dacha Belgrade since they had benched both Abay “HObbit” Khassenov and Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy and traded Denis “electroNic” Sharipov to Virtus.Pro. This left Cloud9 with just two players. This is the third event that the organization has missed, and their recent additions are still a mystery. Although a few options were proposed by various leaks, the reports were not verified by any official media outlets.

Consequently, after participating in one online event under the new organization at the CCT Global Finals 2024, where they were eliminated early from the group stage, FNATIC will make their LAN debut under Benjamin “blameF” Bremer. FNATIC, who will be participating in their first LAN competition with a new player, Benjamin “blameF” Bremer, will take the place of the Cloud9 squad. Despite blameF’s 1.23 rating, the team has only competed in one tournament since signing, the CCT Global Finals 2024, where they were defeated in the group stage by GamerLegion and ENCE.


YaLLa Compass

YaLLa Compass is an Abu Dhabi event that takes place in the Space 42 Arena from June 5 to June 9. Twelve teams are expected to compete for a $400,000 prize pool at the event. BIG and Sashi Esport advanced through the fall and spring qualifications, despite the fact that the majority of the teams were invited. There are two BO1 round-robin group stages in this event, and the top three teams from each group advance to the six-team playoffs.

Fnatic has now been added to the list of teams that have previously been confirmed to play in the Abu Dhabi tournament. Astralis, HEROIC, and other competitive teams will be present at the event; FURIA is the only Brazilian squad that will be represented. The 12 teams that will compete in the YaLLa Compass event are Astralis, BetBoom, Complexity, ENCE, Eternal Fire, FURIA, HEROIC, TheMongolz, NIP, BIG, Sashi, and FNATIC.

Fans are eager to see FNATIC compete and participate in this upcoming tournament.

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