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For How Long Can ZywOo Carry Vitality All By Himself?

Despite being widely regarded as one of the top two CSGO players in the world, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, who is still only 22 years old, has a reputation for having a slow start to each new year.

So far in 2023, he has produced truly exceptional results, crushing the opposition in terms of K/D, overall player rating, and influence at BLAST Premier Spring Groups and currently IEM Katowice. His Vitality colleagues, though, have been anything but solid and reliable while his numbers have been.

Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, player for Vitality

If you’re a fan of Vitality, you couldn’t have asked for a better overall team performance at BLAST Spring. The team only dropped one map on the way to winning their group, thanks to ZywOo and teammate Spinx, seasoned legends Magisk and Dupreeh, who were more than solid, and ZywOo and teammate Spinx. But the team has returned to being alarmingly overly dependent on ZywOo once more in Katowice. Even if his statistics have been fantastic, the rest of the squad has just been absent.

He’s also been asked to save the team at a faster rate. He faced four solo clutch situations over the course of seven maps at BLAST Spring and won them all. But in Katowice, he has already fought five opponents in only five maps, including an incredible one-vs-four victory over Fnatic.

When considering recent tournaments, ZywOo’s Vitality colleagues may be classified as continuously unreliable. They were missing in Katowice, excellent at BLAST Spring, absent at BLAST World Final and the Rio Major, yet excellent during ESL Pro League season 16.

ZywOo seen at the IEM Katowice 2023
ZywOo seen at the IEM Katowice 2023

The way Vitality won the ESL Pro League title was precisely what you would expect them to do on a regular basis: an outstanding performance from a well-known superstar like ZywOo and a good support performance from one or more colleagues, like we witnessed with Spinx and magisk.

For a team that boasts a top-two player, two legendary multi-time Major winners, a seasoned IGL, a young rising star, and one of, if not the best coach of all time, Vitality’s successes have been few and far between outside of that trophy.

ZywOo has propelled Vitality into a sure playoff berth at IEM Katowice in spite of the inconsistent play of his colleagues. But can he still prevail largely by himself against squads like Heroic, FaZe, NAVI, and G2?

ZywOo’s Training Techniques

ZywOo may prove to be the greatest player to ever play CSGO, and as spectators we may be able to pick up a few tips from his innovative training techniques. The French great appears to have a different strategy than every other professional player in the globe, who spends hours practicing their aim in waiting rooms.

ZywOo’s abilities don’t result from hours of aim lab practice; rather, they come from simply joining a game. The two-time top Counter-Strike player claims he prefers to “play FACEIT to sharpen my individual skills” rather than spending hours in deathmatch.

He “actually likes to play some surf, KZ, or play for fun” to decompress. The dude seems to have extremely precise aim and is as cool as a cucumber. It appears that the numerous other community-made modes are the key. Remember that ZywOo was born to play Counter-Strike. Since the French star was born on the same day that CSGO was published, we may never be able to match the abilities or level of craftsmanship ZywOo has honed during his lifetime.

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