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FPX eliminated at Masters Madrid

In the 2nd round of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Madrid, LOUD outperformed FunPlus Phoenix. Given that both LOUD and FunPlus Phoenix having lost their opening-round bouts, they squared off in an elimination battle today. It was a “do or die” match for both players to stay in the competition because two losses result in elimination. LOUD won 2 to 0 to seal the victory. FunPlus Phoenix lost their 2nd game, and just as in the first, they were unable to win any maps. As a result, they were eliminated from the global tournament without winning a single game. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

LOUD fired a flawless handgun round to commence Sunset. They won the next, but FPX’s somewhat superior equipment allowed them to take home the bonus. They were set up to knot it early on by that. After that, FPX took the lead because of a massive 4K and Clutch from Life. But as the teams alternated, LOUD was prepared to battle. FPX briefly stopped LOUD with a Thrifty round, but not before LOUD managed to take a little lead. That did not gain much traction, though. LOUD kept up their momentum, aiming for a comfortable lead at halftime. Just before the teams switched, LOUD took a commanding recapture and led by 4. Although much closer than the 1st half, the 2nd half pistol round nevertheless went to LOUD. On the back of a Saadhak 4K, they only needed one more round to reach double digits. FPX called a timeout in an attempt to regroup as they were unable to counter LOUD’s initial onslaught. It only held true for the first round, after which LOUD easily secured their eleventh. The Brazilian squad finished Sunset ahead of FPX after a couple of botched retake attempts. They demonstrated their readiness to go to map two in a commanding manner.

FPX eliminated at Masters Madrid
FPX roster at Valorant Masters Madrid

After starting Breeze as the offensive team, LOUD won another pistol round. Then, in the span of a single glance, they also won Round 2. In keeping with the initial map, FPX received the benefit for a superior purchase. FPX got what they needed to tie the game at two apiece thanks to a strong defensive hold. They continued to go back and forth, but this time LOUD did not advance. Up until FPX took a tiny lead at the break, the score was almost evenly split throughout. Each team won the rounds that came their way by playing regular VALORANT. Fans saw more of the LOUD that emerged on Sunset as things changed. They knotted it fast and went on to lead by two rounds. Soon after, FPX reduced that to a one-round advantage, prepared to put up much more of a fight. autumn finally managed to squeeze out a tiny lead off some big plays. But that didn’t make a LOUD nervous. The 2022 VALORANT World Champions persisted in their fierce pursuit of regaining the upper hand and securing a series point and map. They subsequently solidified their triumph by eradicating FPX with a B Site retake.

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