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Fudge wants the starting spot back

After finishing in 3rd place in the 2024 League of Champions Spring Split, Cloud9 announced a significant squad change on April 16. Thanatos took Fudge’s seat, but Fudge now says he’ll strive to reclaim the position. The CEO of C9, Jack Etienne, discussed the shift in an interview with Dexerto on April 18. He talked about the reasons behind Fudge’s benching on the League squad as well as the future intentions of the Australian top laner. He disclosed that Fudge plans to make every effort to regain his starting position. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

In the interview he said: “You have to have respect for a guy that’s that determined. Obviously, I would never put him in a situation where he’s being paid nothing, but if you see someone that’s that dedicated to proving they deserve the spot? And then he’s absolutely crushing it in solo queue. So like, if you look last night, he was ranked 16 on the NA ladder. He’s gone up from probably like 200 to 16 since the end of Spring for us, he’s putting in the work. I imagine it’s gotta be a gut punch for him to hear, ‘Hey, there’s this other guy coming in.’ The situation with Thanatos is that the spot is his to lose.”

Fudge wants the starting spot back
Fudge competing on stage for Cloud9

With his move to C9, Thanatos will have his first chance to play on a main team’s starting lineup in his professional career. He spent nearly 4 years competing in DK Challengers in the past. Fudge, however, is a genuine competitive League veteran. Since October 2020, he has been an essential member of C9’s team. He participated in three Worlds tournaments throughout that period, finishing in the quarterfinals in 2021. Additionally, he helped the team win two LCS crowns. However, C9’s poor performance in the 2024 LCS Spring Split, where they placed third and were unable to advance to the Mid-Season Invitational, was sufficient justification for a change of direction. Even though Fudge was one of the better players in his position in the LCS, the team chose to replace him. According to Oracle’s Elixir, the Australian has the highest KDA of any top laner in the most recent regular season, at 3.7. If things don’t work out, Fudge might reclaim this position. There’s still a potential that Fudge returns or gets a chance on a different team, regardless of the reason—Thanatos may be underperforming, the team not gelling as a unit, or VISA troubles. Fudge, who has three LCS titles under his belt with Cloud9, has played a major role in the team’s recent success. But now is Thanatos’ moment to shine.

When it came to Cloud9’s weak moments as a team, Fudge was frequently chastised, and he seemed to take those criticisms extremely seriously. Fudge is still with the squad despite if he isn’t on the starting lineup because, in Jack’s opinion, he did everything he could to try and prove his worth. In another universe, Jack retained Fudge for the summer. But many consider Thanatos to be a generational talent in the top lane, so he decided to take a gamble on the LCK prodigy.

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