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FURIA undergoes changes

One of FURIA’s largest revolutions in Counter-Strike history was revealed when the company unveiled changes inside its Counter-Strike section. First, the announced changes include a reorganization of the coaching staff, a substitution in the starting lineup, and the creation of an international academy squad located in Europe. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

FURIA, the largest CS:GO organization in Brazil, announced two significant roster changes. Andrei “arT” Piovezan, the captain of the CS2 team, was benched by FURIA, who also revealed that Nicholas “guerri” Nogueira, the head of CS2 head coaching, is moving to become the organization’s head of esports. In the upcoming competitions, Guerri will serve as the acting head coach while Akkari, FURIA’s creator Jaime Padua, and seasoned player Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo put together a new coaching staff. FURIA has not yet determined who will permanently replace arT in the current CS2 roster, but academy member Kayke “kye” Bertolucci has been called up for the Global Esports Tour Rio, a $200,000 competition that takes place from April 18 to 20. Following allegations on Monday from Dust2.br and Draft5.gg that claimed FURIA was bootcamping without their aggressive space-maker for the Global Esports Tour Rio, utilizing academy member Kayke “⁠kye⁠” Bertolucci in his place, arT was removed from the active lineup. According to FURIA, Kyle’s elevation is merely a temporary solution for their next tournament while they look for a permanent fifth player. Gabriel “⁠FalleN⁠” Toledo, guerri, and co-owners and co-CEOs of FURIA, André Akkari and Jaime Padua, will choose the permanent fifth player.

FURIA undergoes changes
arT competing on stage for FURIA

A week has passed since co-owner André Akkari of FURIA stated on X that “FURIA’s position in CS2 requires adjustments” before these roster revisions. In response to supporters’ requests that FURIA reconsider its CS2 project in the wake of yet another dismal outcome, this time at IEM Chengdu, Akkari responded with this. After losing to MOUZ and HEROIC in the group round, the team placed ninth to twelfth in the competition. Since FURIA did not make it to the PGL Copenhagen Major playoffs in March and other Brazilian teams, such as Imperial and paiN Gaming, outperformed them in the first CS2 Major, the burden has been on FURIA. Since working together from February 2018 and never been able to lead FURIA to victory in a tier-one LAN Counter-Strike competition, ArT and Guerri have been the major targets of complaints.

Former head coach of FURIA’s primary Counter-Strike squad, Nicholas “guerri” Nogueira, will take on the position of Head of Esports for the company. This illustrates FURIA’s determination to succeed more greatly on the international scene. Guerri will continue to lead the team in upcoming tournaments with Sid “sidde” Macedo serving as his assistant until the hiring of a new coaching staff is complete. In his speech, Guerrero began by thanking the squad for its accomplishments and recognizing the difficulties in staying successful in the ever-changing professional Counter-Strike scene. In order to take FURIA to new heights, he underlined the necessity of constant innovation and adaptation to worldwide standards.
While FURIA currently fields an all Brazilian roster, the organization will assemble an international academy team that includes European players and coaches.

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