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FURIA welcome back nzr

After working together for six months, Felipe “liazzi” Galiazzi announced his departure from FURIA Esports, a Brazilian group. Agustin “nzr” Ibarra has been acquired by FURIA from Leviatán. Felipe “liazzi” Galiazzi, who leaves the squad after just five months, will be replaced by him. The move comes following a losing group stage at Kickoff due to defeats by NRG Esports and MIBR. Their social media accounts, where the news was shared, helped spread the word about this. After joining FURIA Esports, Galiazzi took part in Superdome 2023 – Colombia and Multiplatform Esports Game 2023, where the squad did well and finished in first and second place. The club posted on Twitter that it was very grateful for the player’s participation in these events. The dismal performance carried over to Americas Kickoff, as FURIA lost every map and was eliminated. Liazzi’s rating increased from 1.18 at the start of 2023 to an average of 0.97 over the off-season and Kickoff, in contrast to his prior performances. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!


nzr, when he competed for FURIA previously
nzr, when he competed for FURIA previously


Agustin will be competing at FURIA for the second time. From January 2021 to October 2022, the Argentine served as the Brazilian organization’s representative. When he donned the Panthers uniform for the first time, nzr won the LCQ and accompanied FURIA to VALORANT Champions 2021. To add a little more experience to the squad, nzr rejoins FURIA. The Brazilian team did not do well at Kickoff Americas 2024; after losing 2 straight games, they were eliminated from the competition.


Prior to the VCT partnerships, Leviatán and FURIA exchanged nzr. The team finished in the top 2 in the Americas LCQ and the top eight at LOCK//IN, however they were unable to advance to the Champions. His tenure with the Latin American squad continued into the off-season, during which he played a key role in the team’s 3-0 victory over FURIA in Superdome Colombia. Early in 2024, after switching to a more global initiative, Leviatán got the chance to sign 2023 Champion C0M. He took the position of nzr, who sat on the sidelines until FURIA called him up.


In a statement made on his social media, nzr said the following: “I’m back and ready to make history! Very happy to be here at FURIA again, it’s a new challenge for my career and I’m going to do my best to represent this shirt once again.”.


Even though the team finished 2023 with strong performances, they were unable to go past VCT 2024: Americas Kickoff to the first international competition of 2024, Masters Madrid. The Brazilian squad is still going strong and is getting ready for the next round of seasonal competitions, even after their previous loss. You can definitely anticipate hearing about new players joining the FURIA Esports roster in a matter of days. With just four players left, FURIA has two weeks until their VCT regular season opener. The new team will play their first game against KRÜ Esports, a team they have won twice out of five meetings. Fans are excited to see how nzr will perform in the coming months.


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