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G2 eliminate TES from MSI 2024

It was clear from the start of the MSI series between G2 Esports and Top Esports (TES) that G2 was ready to compete on an equal footing with its rivals. The first game saw Caps emerge as the dominant force he typically is on the Rift after G2’s bot lane combo of Hans Sama and Mikyx showed top-tier synergy, essentially shutting down TES’s bot lane. In just 28 minutes, G2 secured the first victory with two extremely well-fed ADCs, laying the groundwork for their dominance throughout the series. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

G2’s supremacy only became more obvious in the next contests. Together, Mikyx and Yike stopped Jackeylove’s Draven, and Hans Sama’s outstanding play gave G2 another win to make the series 2-0. BrokenBlade’s performance in the top lane ensured G2’s clean sweep, solidifying their position as the better team in the series, despite TES’s best attempts to catch them off guard in the third match.

G2 eliminate TES from MSI 2024
G2 on stage at MSI 2024


G2’s strategy in the match

G2 not only added firepower to the Rift but also made their opponents strategically assign bans throughout the games by adopting a multi-AD-carry strategy in their drafts. However, something would have ultimately slipped TES’s mind—for example, not banning Draven versus Hans Sama—given the limited five bans at their disposal.

G2’s dominant 3-0 triumph was made possible by their incredible drafting, slick gameplay, and effective use of their advantages in teamfights. In a post-match news conference, TES top laner Bai “369” Jia-Hao discussed the match and said that, if they continue on their present trajectory, the EMEA first seed might win the MSI championship.


International rivalry

The victory over Top Esports by G2 Esports not only confirms their status as a title contender but also rekindles the long-running discussion about which Eastern and Western teams are superior in international competitions. In international competitions in the past, Eastern teams have frequently prevailed because of their superior mechanical prowess and careful planning.

But G2’s triumph stands as a testament to the enduring power and tenacity of Western teams in the League of Legends scene worldwide. G2 demonstrated that Western teams are more than capable of performing at the highest level and undermining the dominance of their Eastern counterparts by putting on one of the most impressive performances against one of China’s best teams.

Fans may anticipate even more fierce rivalries and matchups as the competition goes on. The MSI 2024 competition promises to keep us enthralled with a demonstration of skill, strategy, and resolve as teams from all over the world compete for supremacy on the international arena. The upcoming matches are T1 vs Team Liquid and Gen.G versus BLG.

This triumph also represents an important turning point for the EMEA area. G2 hasn’t won a best-of-five match against an LPL team since 2018, and the last time that happened was when an EMEA squad won handily three years prior. Since a comparable accomplishment hasn’t been accomplished in nearly ten years, EMEA supporters are hopeful that this year the area will bring home more than just a few dates for the World Championship.

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