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G2 eliminates Virtus.pro after a crucial crash

Virtus.pro has been eliminated from the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major. They were only one round away from making it to the playoffs due to a catastrophic game crash that cost them a vital round in their eliminatory stage match versus G2 on March 24. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


G2 eliminates Virtus.pro after a crucial crash
Virtus.pro player Jame

In a close 16–14 match, the Russian team won the opening map in the series, Overpass, against G2. Virtus.pro is now up 1-0 in the Best of 3 series and is just one map away from finishing in the top eight after this win. Virtus.pro, the winners of the last Major in Rio, Brazil, missed the Paris Major outright, so making it to the Playoffs would have meant a lot to them.

G2’s choice map, Inferno, came in second on the list. The map’s first three games were won by the Balkan guys, but VP swiftly retaliated with seven straight rounds. Nevertheless, G2 managed to win the half and give their opponent a 5-7 lead. G2 cleaned up their CT half during the second half, winning four straight to take a 9-7 lead. But VP responded to demonstrate they were prepared for the big game, tying the score at 11–10. Even so, NiKo and company were able to tie the score 11–11, proving that the two squads could not be split.

VP succeeded in planting the bomb on the B location during the 23rd round. Tension was high because both sides were short on cash and two of the vice captain’s players were sick, but things went wrong when vice captain Dzhami “Jame” Ali positioned his AWP in the perfect quadrant.

A G2 player controlling the angle shot Jame dead after his CS2 client abruptly died, launching his character model into the open. In a 3v4 situation, the VP players with low health collapsed without the AWP to support the post-plant, handing G2 the advantage and a 12–11 lead. With nearly little money remaining, VP entered the last match with a meager armament and lost 13–11 to Inferno because they were unable to penetrate the G2 defense.

PGL issued a statement midway through the last map stating that they would look into the matter, but that nothing would come of it and that the round wasn’t going to be repeated.

In the series decider that followed, Anubis, VP started shakily, dropping the first 8 rounds of the game’s map before ultimately falling 13–6, ending their appearance at PGL Copenhagen Major.

With a 1-0 lead in the series and a strong position at the end of the second map, Virtus.pro found themselves having to arrange their return flights. If Jame hadn’t crashed, most experts and supporters would concur that Virtus.pro had that particular round won. Jame never voiced any complaints or said anything in the chat and carried on playing the series even after he was “robbed” of a map victory and Major Playoff qualifying. In a circumstance like this, most players might have responded in a different way. Jame is receiving praise from the community for his exemplary act and professionalism.

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