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G2 Esports strikes first blood at NA Challenger’s tournament

G2 Esports has come with a roster absolutely filled to the brome with what most think are the next North American VALORANT prodigies. In their opening game of the Challengers tournament, their youngest and lesser-known player was the one to step forward and showcase his talent against FaZe.

FaZe looked really good in the first couple of rounds on Fracture. FaZe was in a tough spot regarding their roster, as hours before the match started the organization announced the signing of youngster Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo, a former member of TSM. As a youngster and new player in the roster, he did have a quiet start, however, the other core members from FaZe’s 2022 campaign picked up the slack and took Fracture convincingly, with the dynamic duo of POISED and babybay being the true carries against G2’s map pick, the first game of the series ended 13-5.

G2 Esports 2023 roster
G2 Esports 2023 roster

Nevertheless, even after losing their own map choice, G2 was cooking something that no one expected. The team started to play around young star Francis “OXY” Hoang, who went ballistic with his Raze on the second map Icebox.

He achieved a total of 27 kills against versus only 13 deaths, took all 5 of his 1 versus 1 scenarios, and lastly dealt the most amount of damage in the game. Faze definitely struggled to sustain rushes and site pressure with their Harbor pick, and OXY’s huge performance on Raze helped G2 make things even in the series with a 13-4 win on FaZe’s map of choice.

Going into game 3 a veteran was the one to take the lead, ex Sentinels player ShahZaM finally turned on the engines after 2 games on Haven, while OXY continued to be consistent as well having a couple of clutch multi-kill rounds close to the end of the game, including a huge triple kill in the final round utilizing Jett’s ultimate ability.

OXY ended the day with the best stat line out of all players, including the ones from other series. He achieved a huge total of 55 total kills, the highest ACS with 313, the overall best Kill to Death ratio, and finally the highest 1 versus 1 success percentage.

The youngster stepped up to the plate against one of the favorites to win it all in Faze, however as we are aware, rookies tend to be rather inconsistent. OXY will need to keep this form throughout the entire Challenger tournament if G2 Esports hopes to push into a Tier 1 competition once more.

G2 Esports will look to continue their NA VALORANT Challengers League and hopefully start a streak with their combo of veterans and youngsters.

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