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G2 sign icy for the upcoming Stage 1

Following his departure from the team, G2 Esports formally confirmed the recruitment of the 5th player to take Michael “neT” Bernet’s spot in future competitions. The player Michael “neT” Bernet left G2 Esports recently, shortly before the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Americas League – Stage 1 got underway. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

Even though there have been online speculations about this for a while, the new player was formally presented as his successor today. Michael “neT” Bernet has been replaced by Jacob “icy” Lange, a former player for Evil Geniuses and a member of the Here to Gamble and TWT squads. He began his career in 2020 and has since won over $6,000 in prizes. He is now going to represent G2 Esports. Michael “neT” Bernet participated in VALORANT Masters Reykjavik 2022 and won Ascension Americas 2023 as a member of the team that transferred from The Guard at the end of 2021. Rumors surfaced following the team’s early elimination at Kickoff Americas, suggesting that the G2 Esports roster would change. Journalist Anonimotum claims that the player was free to undergo tests for other teams because he had stopped training with the squad following their elimination in the 2024 season’s inaugural play-in round.

G2 sign icy for the upcoming Stage 1
G2 Valorant roster with now former member neT

With the unstoppable G2 Gozen squad, G2 Esports boasts maybe the greatest women’s Valorant team in the world, but its men’s team has recently failed to produce and find a comparable level of success. The squad has undoubtedly battled to reach the pinnacle of the scene ever since the 2022 season, which is what led to the decision to bench a player in favor of a new addition.

Aside from his stint with Evil Geniuses, icy primarily worked for teams like YFP Gaming and OREsports in the North American tier 2 and tier 3 scene. Over the course of his 3-year career, he has assumed a little bit of every duty, but his sentinel gameplay has earned him a reputation. Like other reserve players in 2023, he was never fielded in a match despite being rostered on EG. Prior to this acquisition, Vincent “Apoth” Le was the only other former EG reserve player to be awarded a position in VCT 2024. Stage 1 will begin with G2 taking on Apoth and EG. This year, the two organizations have already faced off, with EG emerging victorious 2-0 in the Kickoff Americas group C semifinal.

The full roster lineup will be starting the following players: Jacob “ icy ” Lange, Trent “ trent ” Cairns, CanadaJonah “ JonahP ” Pulice, Nathan “ leaf ” Orf, Jacob “ valyn ” Batio, and Josh “ JoshRT ” Lee (Trainer).

A reminder that the team will play its first game in the Americas League – Stage 1 of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024 in less than four days. Three teams will compete here to advance to Shanghai for the upcoming Masters competition. Even though there isn’t enough time to prepare a lot, fans are very excited to see how these changes have affected the team and in what way will this be helping them achieve their goals for this upcoming Stage 1 tournament of the VCT Americas.

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