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G2 Sweeps Lynn Vision In EPL S18 Group D Opener

G2’s 18th season ESL Pro League campaign got off to a winning start with a 2-0 victory over Lynn Vision. The series wasn’t a rout either, as the Chinese team pushed their European opponents to the limit before losing on Anubis, 19-16. G2 wasn’t worried despite the fright, according to Jan “Swani.” Müller’s crew won a slugfest 16-5 on Inferno.

Lynn Vision managed to extend the match against G2 to overtime on the game Anubis; nonetheless, the European team emerged victorious by winning all the maps in a consecutive manner.

Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, player for G2 Esports
Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, player for G2 Esports

Those in fantasy who chose Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen, the Danish in-game leader, tallied up 49 kills and topped the board with a 1.36 rating, making his low price look even better. The series ended with HooXi saying, “It’s been a month since we played, so we were a bit rusty,” in an interview on the B stream after the match. “but it was nice to get some kills for once!

G2 got out to a fast start on the T side of Anubis, the easier of the two sides on said map, and raced to a 10-1 lead. However, a late rally from the Chinese squad threw a wrench into G2’s ambitions to romp away with the victory.

Despite being down 5-10, Lynn Vision managed to win the second pistol and draw even with Zhe “Westmelon” Niu. G2 took the lead back late in the half, 15-11, but LV rallied with two AWP clutches from Dongkai “Jee” Jiang. By the end of the season, Ji had evened the score.

In the subsequent overtime period, the experienced and highly skilled players of G2 exhibited their dominance by securing victory in four out of the five rounds contested, despite commencing the overtime period on the CT side.

While Inferno began with Junjie “EmiliaQAQ” Tang acing with dualies defending the B site, HooXi and his team gained control in the second round by winning the forcebuy and quickly expanding their lead. Like Anubis, Lynn Vision woke up at the end of the first half and went from being down two goals to being up five.

However, those last few rounds didn’t aid the Chinese side’s case after the half, and G2 went on to win playing their CT side without losing a single round. With a final score of 16-5, the series was officially over.

In the first round of the lower bracket, Lynn Vision will take against the loser of the Liquid vs Virtus.Pro match, which ended up being Liquid after throwing away their lead in the series. Meanwhile, the G2 Esports team will play Virtus.Pro, which is definitely going to be a match that you cannot miss.

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