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Gaimin Gladiators showcases unexpected offrole pick to finish off Nigma Galaxy

Gaimin Gladiators’ Unconventional Pick

The Dota 2 DPC is officially with the Winter 2023 regional league already showing incredible levels of gameplay. All regions taking part in this series have what it takes to become legendary, with most of the natives from the Western European section already picking some interesting off-meta heroes in their matches. The latest unexpected pick came from Gaimin Gladiators’ unconventional pick phase in their series against Nigma Galaxy.

Nigma Galaxy, as most teams, opted for a more conventional draft with both Sumail and ATF picking their comfort heroes in Kunkka and Sven respectively. Gaimin Gladiators’ offlane member, Ace, is already known as a strategist and counter-meta kind of player, but this time he picked something no one expected, a Witch Doctor offlane pick in game 1 of the series.

Gaimin Gladiators logo
Gaimin Gladiators logo

The main Witch Doctor build was fully played and tested in high elo pub matches, but never on the competitive scene. This was a pick Nigma Galaxy and to be fair no other team would expect to see in competitive play.

While both analysts and casters debated about the pros and cons of the offlane Witch Doctor pick, Ace was already demolishing both Kuroky’s Mirana and ATF’s Sven, with Seleri’s Io fully focusing on sustaining him. The regeneration duo of Witch Doctor’s Voodoo Restoration and Io’s buffs with Tether and Overcharge, simply was too much for Nigma Galaxy, as they were not able to punish its weak early game.

Achieving a 12-minute Guardian Greaves and also a Pipe of Insight right after, the Relocates helped Witch Doctor continue its dominance in the game. He slowly but surely broke Nigma Galaxy with both Maledict and Voodoo Restoration’s damage over time while Quinn’s Batrider and Dyrachyo’s Terrorblade continued to protect him throughout the game. This led Gaimin Gladiators to a rather simple game 1 victory.

However, game 2 was the polar opposite. ATF’s Sven went berserk against Gaimin Gladiators this time around. Gaimin’s composition was rather squishy in game 2 and the God’s dynamic duo cleaved them down swiftly. This game was a mental reset for Nigma Galaxy as they won with confidence, looking like a brand-new team.

Nevertheless, game 3 proved the opposite. Gaimin Gladiators picked up the pieces of game 2 going into this final match. They managed to find another strong duo in Quinn’s Batrider and Ace’s Tidehunter, this helped them to control the team fights while dyrachyo’s Lina cleaned any stranglers around the map. As the game continued into the later stages, it only continued to get farther away from Nigma Galaxy’s hands, with Gaimin Gladiators closing out the series on the back of game 1 and game 3 performances.

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