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Gaimin Gladiators talk about their “no pressure” approach to Dota 2 Major stardom

Gaimin Gladiators’ current Major run is one for the history books, with the squad managing to grab their third consecutive Dota Pro Circuit Major trophy back in Bali. Anton “dyrachyo” Shkredov, one of the current players in Gaimin Gladiators, stated that a “no pressure” approach to situations like this has given them an advantage.

Of course it is needless to say that Gaimin is still fully focused on preparation and execution in order to be at their best, however they don’t think much about the current record. Overall, they continue to work in order to keep their edge sharp, by focusing on the smaller mistakes the lineup notices during their games.

Gaimin Gladiators talk about their “no pressure” approach to Dota 2 Major stardom
Gaimin Gladiators player Drachyo

Drachyo via Dot Esports interview:

“Even if when we do get smashed by teams like Liquid in events, it helps us figure out a lot of things for the Majors and other places” “Dota is kinda the same game, but small things get added with patches, but it is always like blah, blah, blah, and something like the Roshan pit. If you’re a good player, you have to adapt and learn how to adapt faster than others.”

Lack of adaptation is one of the main downfalls for superteams, as complacency can easily kill a good run in form. It seems Gaimin’s focus on meta adaptability might be the key to achieve their 3 DPC Majors and 2 DreamLeague titles in succession.

Their recent trophy case marks a record for DPC Majors since the new format was introduced back in 2017. Officially establishing themselves as one of the most dominant squads in recent Dota 2 history, and even possibly contend for the TI12 title.

Drachyo provided more context via the interview with Dot Esports:

“Sometimes you’re just going to think like ‘what the fuck, we are winning?’ and then get stomped the next scrim or when you make it to official” “It’s natural for someone to own us while we try to figure things out. We never go into games thinking ‘we have to practice this.’ If you find something good or broken from pubs or scrims, you just have to keep your eyes open and think about all this stuff.”

The squad will participate in Riyadh Masters while preparing for TI12, the extra competitive stage practice is nice however they will need to find some balance in order to avoid burnout before the biggest Dota 2 event of the year.

Sa Lima Major, DreamLeague Season 19, Berlin Major at Bali Major ay umabot sila sa Grand Finals ngunit lagi silang kinakapos against Gaimin Gladiators! Ngayong RIYADH MASTERS kaya ay makukuha na nila ang Championship? pic.twitter.com/s1JQq4kEIR

— Kuyanicwxc (@kuyanicwxc) July 15, 2023

Drachyo via interview:

“We are just going to keep playing some good Dota and helping each other” “We don’t like to lose, and we have a lot of ideas.”

Truly the winning mentality of a 3 time Dota 2 Major champion.

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