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Game Changers VALORANT faces another 3 organizations leaving the league

In a matter of days, 3 of the main esports organizations within the VALORANT competitive scene have officially disbanded their Game Changers lineups, soon after the group stage bracket of the EMEA Series 2 concluded. It is important to note all 3 organizations did not perform well during the event, however it seems the situation goes further outside plain tournament results.

EXCEL, Alliance, and Ninjas in Pyjamas are the organizations that have released their entire VALORANT Game Changers rosters, barely a week after the end of the current EMEA group stage. On top of that all 3 organizations are now absolutely out of the VALORANT competitive scene, as they have previously parted ways with their men rosters back in 2022.

Game Changers VALORANT faces another 3 organizations leaving the league
VALORANT Game Changers announcement badge

Communications around the situation have not provided a true reasoning behind the decision, with the community believing it is merely a lack of resources. In their farewell post, Alliance co-owner and current CSO Kelly Ong mentioned the organization was not able to fulfill all the goals set when they entered the Game Changers league. On top of that she later explained that Alliance has not managed to achieve financial stability, forcing the squad to push back and re-plan their participation in the Game Changers league.

As for NiP, the organization provided a statement involving esports director Erik Wendel, who mentioned he has “high hopes” for the Game Changers league but sadly “the esports winter is not letting up”. EXCEL did not provide much context behind their decision, with most fans believing it is a similar one to NiP’s.

“Esports Winter” is now a horrifying sight for any roster involved in the esports scene, as organizations, leagues, tournament organizers, and rosters always struggle to continue operating. Most sponsorship contracts finish by this time of the year, with some squads even depending on tournament results to maintain profitability. Outside of the already partnered squads around all VCT regional leagues, Tier 2 squads have faced a similar fate to the Game Changers scene.

All teams have different factors that contribute to their financial demise, especially if you are outside of VALORANT’s partnership program. A rather short schedule plus several “free” months mean less viewership, if the league has low viewership sponsors are not really attracted to invest in both the league itself or their squads. On top of that, VALORANT Game Changers has an absolutely brutal format, if a team does not qualify for a Challengers league or Game Changers series they are immediately out of all competitions for the year.

Other organizations involved in the Game Changers league continue to be operational for the time being, however, don’t be surprised if other squads are dismissed in the near future.

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