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GamerLegion replaces 9Pandas at Copenhagen

A shocking change to the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 roster has occurred: GamerLegion has been formally confirmed to take 9 Pandas’ position after the latter team was unable to resolve travel-related concerns. GamerLegion, which had previously taken 2nd in the European last-chance qualifier, has an unexpected opportunity as a result of the decision, which PGL confirmed. After it became clear that 9 Pandas would not be able to put together a complete team in time, PGL began arranging for GamerLegion’s trip to Copenhagen, which resulted in the last-minute roster change. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

With just one official match since their elimination from the qualifying, GamerLegion appeared to be taking a rest after missing out on the Major. Even with their possible lack of preparedness, Snax and gang could still cause a great deal of harm at the Major. The 9 Pandas team is devastated since they may have been the team that most deserved to participate in the Major. They had the most difficult path, finishing 2-3 in the European RMR A Group and going on to win the Last Chance Qualifier against both Astralis and GamerLegion. They celebrated their victory in the championship match, and it was clear how much it meant to them. Four players would have made their Major debuts, and Seized, a seasoned veteran, would have made a comeback to the top ranks of Counter-Strike after a prolonged absence. Unfortunately, it was all in vain because they would not be competing in the event.

GamerLegion replaces 9Pandas at Copenhagen Major
GamerLegion player, Keoz, competing on stage

It’s a terrible setback for 9Pandas, particularly for Denis “seized” Kostin, the team leader, who was expected to make a historic comeback to the CS Major circuit following a six-year hiatus from the Valve-sponsored competition. Although the sticker capsules have not yet been made public, it is anticipated that the 9Pandas sticker won’t be offered for this Major cycle following today’s minor update, which also included a revised model for the GamerLegion sticker.

Since the news came to light, the club has made 2 lineup changes. It was feared that switching teams would alter the seeds and, hence, the first-round games, but this did not come to pass. Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski, the in-game leader of GamerLegion, comes back to play in Majors after missing out on MOUZ in 2018. The former Virtus is one of the more well-known Counter-Strike players.

The road that led GamerLegion to the Copenhagen Major was paved with both highs and lows. After losing to elite teams like Vitality, ENCE, and HEROIC, they were sent to the Europe RMR’s last-chance qualification. Despite this, they showed tenacity by defeating fnatic and Guild Eagles. During the qualifiers, their only loss came from a close loss against 9 Pandas in a thrilling 3-map series. Since then, GamerLegion has participated in just one official match, losing 1-2 versus BIG in the opening round of the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. GamerLegion is making its 3rd appearance at this esteemed event, having advanced from the Challengers Stage at IEM Rio with a 2-3 record and made it to the final of the BLAST Paris Major before losing to Vitality.

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