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Gen.G conquer the LCK Spring Split 2024

Gen.G became the first team to win 4 straight titles when they defeated T1 in the LCK Spring Split 2024 grand finals with a thrilling 3-2 victory. With Chovy leading the team to their heyday, they have now won five LCK splits. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Not only does their win guarantee them the top seed from the LCK for MSI 2024, but both teams will be present. Even though 3 of their 5 players changed during the off-season, Gen.G. started and finished the spring season with the same strength as before. Furthermore, despite practice challenges, T1 secured a spot on the international scene once again, giving them the opportunity to further establish their dominance abroad following their victory at Worlds 2023 last year.

Gen.G conquer the LCK Spring Split 2024
Gen.G with the trophy after winning LCK Spring Split

Their story was one of reconstruction and renewal for Gen.G. Their absolute dominance in the LCK in 2023 was astounding. That said, their international runs consistently left a lot to be desired. On the bigger stage, it was almost as if they were unable to revert to their mentality of domestic domination. Following Worlds 2023, Gen.G underwent a period of rebuilding, with Chovy and Peyz being the only members of their previous roster remaining. Three new players joined the fold in their place, and Gen.G once again proved to be a formidable opponent in the LCK, dropping just one series during the Spring Split. In the case of T1, they struggled long before the Spring Split began and soon after their off-season ended, as frequent DDoS attacks prevented the players from engaging in any kind of meaningful practice for extended periods of time. Fortunately, after losing badly to Hanwha Life earlier in the Playoffs, T1 managed to bounce back and advance to the Grand Finals.

Ultimately, it comes down to T1 vs. Gen.G’s best mid-laners, Faker and Chovy. This was the 100th match between these 2 titans of the game, and it was obvious that Chovy was winning, at least in terms of the LCK. This is because of his outstanding performances over Faker in the regional Korean league in recent years. The highly anticipated match attracted an unprecedented amount of attention. With 2.3 million viewers on non-Chinese broadcasts, the 5-match silver scraps thriller produced the LCK’s highest-ever peak viewership, according to Esports Charts. This was 800,000 more than the peak of LCK Summer 2023 and slightly more than the Mid-Season Invitational from the previous year. T1 will now attempt to improve their situation in the MSI 2024 play-in round, while Gen.G will profit from a group-stage seed. Both teams are still serious contenders for the championship, even after the format change that saw the LCK runner-up sent to play-in duty.

Kiin, the top laner for Gen. G, wouldn’t give up on his chance to win an LCK championship and after competing in the Korean League for a very long time, he finally won his first-ever LCK title, and for that he was rightfully awarded the MVP award for the finals.

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