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Gen.G takes down LOUD at Masters Madrid

Unexpectedly for the majority of Valorant supporters, favorites LOUD lost 2-1 their opening match at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Madrid competition after failing to overcome Gen.G. Most people were surprised that the Pacific region’s champions could defeat the reigning world champions, but not those who witnessed the Brazilians live, who were not playing at their peak. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

LOUD opened with 3 quick rounds for Icebox. They started to build on their early lead and put pressure on Gen. G right away. The Pacific League squad attempted to reverse the trend with a fierce victory in the Thrifty round, but a 4th came quickly. They were now in a good position to win a few straight rounds as a result. A 3K from Meteor stopped a 3K from QCK, resulting in a tie and Gen.G’s 4th round. After one round, Gen.G overtook LOUD in the lead. But LOUD tied it back up immediately. And at least a tie at the half saves what may have been a disastrous start for Gen.G on map one. LOUD was not done, though, as Gen. G’s aggressive defense play, which naturally included a judge, got them to eleven. Saadhak’s smart calls helped them fight back, but a defuse with .26 remaining allowed Gen. G to get to match point. Less then stepped up and scored a huge 4K, but he was unprepared for Karon to win the game for Gen. G by sticking the defuse in the last round.

Gen.G Valorant Roster at Masters Madrid
Gen.G Valorant Roster at Masters Madrid

Similar to the first map, Gen.G vs. LOUD’s 2nd map, Breeze, began similarly. LOUD had no trouble advancing. They reached double digits in the 2nd half pistol round, which was all LOUD. Though some fighting persisted in Gen.G, they managed to get the Spike down on B and interfere with LOUD’s economic flow. It was a little too late, but the hot streak that had previously avoided Gen.G was now here. Their attempt to get back into it included an Ace by t3xture, but the round differential proved to be too great to overcome. LOUD used their magic to thwart Gen. G’s return. They would only collect eight, then move on to map three.

Ascent would conclude the 2nd match of the day as the decider. After what seemed to be a back-and-forth opening exchange, Gen. G easily won the half. Although LOUD first made a strong attempt, Gen.G was able to overpower the defense and penalize their errors. Karon, a rookie with Gen.G, was their most effective attacker. He had a 20-5 KD, a 2.01 rating, and 413 ACS at the half’s conclusion. Along with helping t3xture capture 5 of the 7 opening duels they engaged in, he also won 2 clutches. As the competition approached its second half, LOUD emerged victorious in both the pistol and anti-eco rounds, which would be their last rounds. After winning the first 2 rifle rounds, Gen. G continued where they left off, compelling LOUD to call a timeout. Their eleventh victory on the map was made possible by Meteor, and an odd A site hit concluded Ascent 13-5.

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