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Golden Guardians revamps roster for the 2023 NA LCS season – League of Legends

Golden Guardians has officially announced its entire League of Legends roster for the 2023 NA LCS season today and it brings a plethora of veterans from across North America and other regions as well.

The roster was created by a couple of returning players, including top lane main Licorice and bot laner Stixxay who used to be part of the organization. On top of that, the team will also bring back support main Huhi after being absent from the team that allowed him to role swap to support. Huhi played an absolute key role in Golden Guardians’ most successful season campaign around 2020. He together with Stixxay played together on CLG (with Huhi playing mid lane at the time), while helping push that team to the finals of the Mid Season Invitational.

Golden Guardians roster teaser via Twitter
Golden Guardians roster teaser via Twitter

The team’s mid plus jungle duo will be filled by imports, with River staying as the team’s jungle main player after he was brought in on a transfer deadline day deal earlier in 2022.

Ex Nongshim Red Force and Fun Plus Phoenix mid laner Gori will pick up the mid laner carry role for the Guardians. In his recent playing stint, Gori was part of PSG Talon in the PCS region and was named Summer Split MVP of the Pacific region league.

Golden Guardians recently promoted general manager Nick “Inero” Smith stated the following via a social media video post:

“We believe that the jungle-mid-support trio is the core of the team, and we’re grateful as we headed into this offseason that we found a trio of players that all expressed interest in playing with one another going into next year”

In the last couple of weeks, at the moment Golden Guardians announced the pieces of its League of Legends coaching staff, the organization stated it has full intentions to find and develop a veteran core, and then use the following years to help younger less experienced players into those same roles. With a full core of 5 veterans set to start in the live server in 2023, Golden Guardians will most likely use this season to develop their main younger pieces before hugely investing on its roster to include younger talent going into 2024.

For a team that does not have a similar fan base or the resources compared to others in the NA LCS, it seems to be the right path to take. If a younger player is able to mature quicker in the competitive scene thanks to the tutelage of this core 5 in place, Golden Guardians might be able to find diamonds in the rough and make a push for top places in the upcoming years.

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