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Heretics is out of Valorant Masters Madrid

In the last game of the 2nd round of VCT 2024: Masters Madrid, Paper Rex defeated Team Heretics with great effort. Paper Rex proved stronger and won the match 2-1, even though Team Heretics put in amazing effort on 3 maps, winning one of them. Teams have progressed to the playoff stage if they won two games in the first two rounds. Teams that were unable to win any games, however, are finishing the tournament in seventh or eighth place and will get $10,000 as compensation. In the final round, which will feature competition from other clubs, the victor will move on to the next phase while the loser will be eliminated from the competition. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

Paper Rex, once ranked among the top 3 teams in the world, hasn’t been playing well since they changed their squad in response to Jinggg’s necessary military service. They survive to see another day in Spain, though. Sunset, the first map, had an even beginning with a half ending 6-6. But something, Paper Rex’s top player, who wasn’t playing up to par yesterday, has bounced back, leading Paper Rex to a 13-10 victory on their chosen map.

Heretics is out of Valorant Masters Madrid
Heretics roster on stage after getting eliminated from the competition

In the 2nd map, Lotus, Heretics took control of the early half of the match with a decisive pistol round retake. PRX tied everything up well with their response. They won the following few rounds handily until MiniBoo showed up and gave TH hope with a 3K. Heretics quickly gained the momentum they required to tie the game and then seize the initiative. Things were a little back and forth at the half. TH was able to gain a narrow advantage, which they hoped would fuel their success in the 2nd half. Paper Rex quickly gained the advantage after d4v41 eliminated three opponents. Something extended their lead with a 4K Outlaw play after that. An overpowering surge onto C Site and a KJ Lockdown knotted the game at nine. However, PRX’s came next, regaining the lead. Benjyfishy’s stunning flank got them back to a draw. To get to map point, TH gave it their all. It paid off, forcing a third and winning the map.

Split was the decisive map, and Team Heretics dominated the game by taking an early 6-2 lead on defense. Nevertheless, Paper Rex struck back forcefully with four consecutive to tie the half, helped along by something’s Jett. f0rsaken’s Raze completely outclassed Heretics in the defensive department, going 14/2/5 in the 2nd half and letting his opponents win just one offensive round. Paper Rex ended the game 13-7 to eliminate Team Heretics, despite a 6-6 score at half.

With an amazing +10 differential on Raze, an agent he hadn’t played with all season (he was previously on Yoru), f0rsaken topped the standings.

March 14–24 is when the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Madrid takes place. Eight of the top teams worldwide, two from each region, are vying for three points that are required to qualify for the World Championship as well as a piece of the $500,000 prize pool.

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