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Heroic’s superstar cadiaN has officially been benched before the start of the CS2 season

One of the most historic teams in Counter Strike’s competitive scene, has officially made the decision to push their crucial team captain to a substitute position barely a few weeks before the start of the CS2 season. This was definitely a cs2 prediction nobody could have made.

Counter Strike organization Heroic, known for having the best Danish CS roster, has recently stated that Casper “cadiaN” Møller will be relinquishing his position within the active roster as captain and taking a role on the bench. Heroic clarified that said decision was a mutually agreed resolution, taking into account the objective and vision both parties were looking for ahead of CS2.

Heroic’s superstar cadiaN has officially been benched before the start of the CS2 season
Former Heroic starter cadiaN

CadiaN, who inherited the role of captain for the Heroic squad in late 2019, has gathered recognition as a prominent figure within the competitive scene, staying at the top of his game as in-game leader and primary AWPer. Throughout the course of the last 3 years, soon after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic era in Counter Strike, Heroic has become one of the best rosters in recent memory, effectively supplanting Astralis as the best Danish native team in the world.

During an interview with Dexerto, cadiaN stated his desire for certain changes to be implemented within Heroic before the official start of CS2. However, he noted that there were individuals within the organization that did not agree with him. According to cadiaN, said changes had to be fulfilled in order to boost Heroic’s performance to the next level, similar to prior positive changes that were eventually realized after the initial criticism from the signings of refrezh and sjuush. He further stated that a compromise with Heroic would not be enough as a resolution for the situation.

CadiaN’s competitive journey, even after Heroic, appears to be far from its conclusion with cadiaN confidently mentioning his discontent with the situation and revealing he is working extremely hard to hone his skills in CS2. As for future steps, he was extremely clear of his caution on proceeding forward in negotiations, however he remains open to all possibilities, including the prospect of venturing into an international team and even deviating from his usual role as both in-game leader and main AWPer.

Considering the timing of the situation, it is likely that cadiaN will not be present as a player at IEM Sydney, currently considered the unofficial introduction to the Counter Strike 2 game in competitive play. Nevertheless, there is a longer period between IEM Sydney and the next tournament the PGL Copenhagen Major, where cadiaN should have already signed with a squad. The community believes negotiations with cadiaN might be rather difficult, as the player is known for being extremely vocal without much of a filter, meaning both players and organization will most likely need to be fully on-sync with the Dane.

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