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Household Names: This players can take it all at Worlds 2022 Part 1 – League of Legends

With more than 110 games finished already at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, we have seen incredible upsets and series so close that it is almost impossible to predict who is going to win. With the semifinals right on the horizon, we are close to the peak of LoL professional play, the Worlds Grandfinals. With only 4 teams left in contention for the title, it’s fair to say the best gameplay we have seen is coming.

At this event, certain players will often show up more than others, in certain situations even solely winning the game and carrying the team on their backs.

T1 Faker at Worlds 2022 promotional video
T1 Faker at Worlds 2022 promotional video

Of course it is needless to say everyone needs to be at their peak performance to take the coveted Summoner’s Cup. However, we are going to take a look at said players which are the absolute catalysts of their teams success.

T1’s GOAT Faker

As we all know, Faker is the absolute candidate to take the spotlight for T1 in this Worlds campaign. He’s done it several times in the past and has had no issues assisting his teammates to win championships throughout his illustrious career.

In 2022, the mid-lane meta at Worlds is highly mechanical focused, and the champions that have surfaced as the best fit right in Faker’s comfort zone.

With champions like LeBlanc, Azir, Akali, and Viktor all grabbing the spotlight this time around, Faker is in the perfect spot to carry a game. Throughout the 21 total different champions picked at Worlds 2022, Faker has played all of them but two (Yone and Zac) at least one time previously in his career.

The GOAT mid-laner has already looked like a 2014 Faker on multiple occasions in this event, taking advantage against an incredible talent like Scout, Xiaohu, and Jensen.

DRX’s young prodigy Zeka

Zeka single-handedly carried DRX on his back during the deciding game of their series against defending champions EDward Gaming, grabbing 10 kills with Sylas, a champion he’s won 12 out of 14 total games with this season.

Zeka has way more solo kills than any other professional player at the tournament, with a whopping total of 14 since the start of the competition according to Games of Legends statistics site. He grabbed 4 of those solo kills in game 5 against EDG, dominating Scout throughout both the laning and open map phases.

If Zeka can somehow do this against the 2021 Worlds MVP, there is a huge chance this young prodigy can take it all the way home and grab the Summoners Cup for the LCK’s DRX.

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