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How an AP Zac mid helped Caps demolish Astralis – LEC


G2 Esports mid laner Caps came with a spicy champion pick for his LEC game versus Astralis, as he decided to choose Zac in the mid lane. Why is this weird? Well Zac as a champion lacks what most mid laners look for in the competitive early game: wave clear and zoning. While Caps is no stranger to out of pocket picks, this is the first time he has shown Zac in the competitive scene.

G2 Esports Player Caps
G2 Esports Player Caps

G2’s team composition was predominantly focused on diving enemy champions in the backline and fully rushing into action to secure kills on priority targets as soon as possible. The only real problem was that G2 got such a lead on Astralis that teamfights never really came to appear, and lastly G2 simply walked swiftly into the enemy nexus.

Thanks to his Zac pick, Caps was able to jump through walls, effectively helping be around the map for any play that might happen. His Elastic Slingshot (E ability) was enough to get into the enemies’ carries and pop them in a matter of seconds, while in the last couple of minutes, he was unkillable even after going with a full damage build.

In the mid game, Caps decided to stop being patient, as he dived into 4 Astralis players by himself before pulling JeongHoon back to him with 113 as well. Caps looked to engage every single time he saw an Astralis player to either pick up the kills or set up his teammates for success thanks to Zac’s crowd control. By the time the game finished, Caps managed to grab an 8/1/7 score.

Once Caps’ was able to reach his full damage build spike, Astralis was not able to look for any sort of skirmishes or pickups. However, something to take into account is how well G2 as a whole played around Zac’s style of play, as some teams play rather slowly for a pick like this to work.

As a whole, G2 grabbed 23 kills in 24 minutes, almost setting a record for the competition, with Heretics setting the number to beat with 24 in their first game of the current season. After this game G2 has set themselves up as the best team in the LEC, currently. Fans are quite happy after the historic G2 roster finally came to an end after jungler Jankos left the organization, while youngster Yike took the reins of the jungle for the European powerhouse.

Both Caps and G2 Esports will return to LEC action on Saturday, January 28th for a favorable matchup against heavy underdogs SK Gaming.

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