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How Did Gen.G Beat T1 At The LCK Summer Finals?

T1 and Gen.G meeting in the LCK finals is almost inevitable. Gen.G won 3-2 in their first meeting in the upper bracket playoffs. T1 kept their tournament dreams alive by narrowly defeating KT Rolster in the lower bracket final to face their old rivals. In the finals, Gen.G swept again.

Gen.G won the matchup for the first time at LCK Summer 2022, defeating T1 3-0 with former bot laner Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk. In LCK Spring 2023, they played T1 again in the finals and won 3-1 to win their second straight title with rookie Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan and support Yoo “Delight” Hwan-joong in the bot lane.

How Did Gen.G Beat T1 At The LCK Summer Finals?
(PHOTO) Gen.G seen lifting the 2023 LCK Summer trophy

T1 took longer to reach the LCK Summer finals 2023. LeeFakerSang-hyeok’s injury kept him on the bench for weeks, hurting the team. However, their 9-9 match record secured a playoff position. From round one, they faced four series and three opponents to reach here.

T1 chose Lucian and Nami to face Zeri and Rakan. The strategy was for these two champions to get ahead using Faker’s Jayce to poke down their opponents before team battles. However, Gen.G used Taliyah’s mid-range pushing prowess to rotate and kill in the side lanes. The Sejuani, Camille, and Rakan frontline strengthened throughout the game, making their matchup tougher.

Thus, Gen.G boldly picked up all four dragons to get Cloud Soul. In 5v5 battles, they got the upper hand due to their AOE spells that zoned out their opponents and laid down crowd control spells in the river. They were so advanced that Peyz and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho never died. The LCK Spring 2023 finals MVP dealt 768 damage per minute with a 12/0/6 KDA.

In game two, Peanut led Gen.G over Sejuani. In reaction to the immobile Lulu and Aphelios bot lane, Delight was added to Blitzcrank. Additionally, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon chose his signature Sylas. He’s only faced Sylas once this season, but he’s incredibly experienced in this Ahri matchup and easily drew first blood in a dazzling combination.

Game two was similar to game one, but more activity. Despite their team composition, T1 couldn’t defeat Sejuani because none of the champions could lower her HP. Gen.G quickly engaged their opponents, wiping out four dragons and Baron when they blew their cooldowns on him.

Gen.G had a 10,000 gold lead and controlled the game by 25 minutes. Blitzcrank remained a threat, especially in the jungle where vision was contested. In another immaculate 12/0/3 KDA on Zeri, Peyz dealt the most damage with 27.1% share.

The skirmishes increased in game three. T1 took Sejuani because they had to mix things up, so Gen.G chose Maokai. Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, tired of being overlooked, brought out Draven for lane dominance. Gen.G drafted Nilah and Rakan bot to absorb early pressure. It wasn’t all great or one-sided. Peyz’s Nilah took most of the kills, but Chovy’s K’Sante kept them alive, even taking down Faker solo. T1 had a 4,000 gold lead at 25 minutes, but Gen.G still had a chance, and Baron was their best shot.

Chovy, however, recognized the perfect chance to flash and defeat the rooted Draven. His team immediately followed while he zoned out and eliminated Faker’s Taliyah. Although Peyz’s Nilah fell, the combat was already over. They defeated T1’s Nexus in midlane with Baron to win the championship.

Gen.G has defeated T1 in the LCK finals for the past three years. The LCK first seed will represent their zone at Worlds 2023. Gen.G wins US$150,000 in LCK Summer Finals 2023. Chovy won the LCK finals MVP award for his three distinct champions in three games, earning $3,700.

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