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How Kennen has become the most successful top laner in the LPL Spring Playoffs

As soon as a competitive patch is confirmed, all professional teams will immediately start to research what champions will give them an edge in the draft phase. The “meta” will surface sooner or later with certain picks becoming the spotlight rather fast.

While they are considered the overall best champions, meta picks normally don’t have overwhelmingly positive statistics due to their sheer amount of appearances within a tournament. However at the LPL Spring Playoffs, there is a top lane champion that has boasted an incredible win-to-loss ratio this time around.

League of Legends champion Kennen
League of Legends champion Kennen

Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest. has recorded an unheard-of 87% win rate throughout 15 games, according to League of Legends statistics website Games of Legends. With 26 bans in the draft phase, he also records the 3rd highest presence rate with 89%, barely below Vi and Zeri.

The real question is, why is Kennen so consistently strong in the best major league in the world?

Kennen received significant buffs in Patch 13.5, which made a plethora of top laners check how the champion was playing in the SoloQ ladder at first. A couple of players, especially within the Eastern regions such as the LCK and LPL, started to notice his sheer team fighting power and possible lane dominance.

The latest buffs introduced several power spikes to his laning phase, with Kennen now having higher poke damage thanks to the Q buffs while also receiving a better wave clearing ability with the damage increase on his E. This makes him a more consistent laner, which was the main reason why he was not previously appearing in competitive play with the champion being extremely easy to suppress early on.

Of course it is needless to say Kennen’s main value comes in the form of his ultimate, Slicing Maelstrom, being one of the best teamfight engagement abilities out there. With static champions currently being prioritized in the bot lane, Kennen is able to quickly pounce on his target not only dealing damage on priority targets but also stunning them for the rest of the team to finish them off.

As for his success in the LPL, the best top lakers such as BiliBili Gaming’s Binor OMG’s shanji have been able to master his strengths and are currently undefeated on the champion, boasting 9 wins combined in the playoffs. Both players have been key pieces for their respective squads while piloting the Heart of the Tempest, with the champion proving to be a positive influence in the rift. Time will tell if a future patch will address Kennen’s strong position, however it seems likely we will see him at MSI.

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