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How To Play Sylas Like World Champion Zeka

Sylas fundamentally changed League of Legends. He was one of the first champions, like Zoe, to introduce the idea of “stealing” an enemy’s ability or effect in order to benefit oneself. In addition to this special quality, Sylas has the potential to change the course of battles and skirmishes because of his close-combat abilities and powerful burst damage.

In the right hands, he can be a great carry thanks to his mobility and built-in sustain on his W. A skilled mechanic is required to master the champ because of his complexity. While that requires practice, learning how to build properly is something that you can do right from the get go. Coming straight out from Zeka, the most recent world champion and one of the best Sylas players in the world, we’ll show you how to properly build when playing this champion.

Kim "ZEKA" Geon-woo, current League of Legends World Champion
Kim "ZEKA" Geon-woo, current League of Legends World Champion
  • Runes

Like other skirmishers, Sylas makes frequent use of Conqueror. He can keep it stacked and do increasing damage the longer the battle lasts if he intends to fight continuously. This makes the rune ideal for him because it supports both his sustain on W and the rune’s 8% healing.

Resolve is the secondary rune tree, and his options are Second Wind and Overgrowth. While Overgrowth is now designed to synergize with Rod of Ages, making him difficult to one-shot, Second Wind is still a typical rune to survive early game pestering from the enemy mid laner, which also goes great along a Doran Shield.

  • Item Build

Sylas is currently one of the strongest champions in the game
Sylas is currently one of the strongest champions in the game

During the offseason, Sylas’ build underwent some adjustments. The champion replaced Everfrost with Rod of Ages as its Mythic item in light of its return. Given that Sylas considerably benefits from the enhanced health and ability power that the item receives in the new season, Rod of Ages performs significantly better.

However, throughout the games, Rod of Ages somewhat delays Sylas’ power spike, causing him to spike once the item is fully stacked (10 minutes after completing the purchase). This commonly happens when the second item, still Zhonya’s Hourglass, is finished. Having additional resistances is crucial given his preference for melee combat and the fact that he likes to skirmish frequently.

Sylas wants to do as much damage-dealing as he can in the middle game to keep his power spike after using up his two core items. The remainder of the build should focus on increasing magic penetration and ability power, so pick two from Shadowflame, Rabadon’s Deathcap, or Void Staff. If you have plenty of time, you could want to build all three. If not, obtain a banshee’s veil to boost your resistance to magic and prevent being one-shotted by the enemy’s magical damage dealers.

  • Rod of Ages
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes/Merc Treads
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Cosmic Drive/Shadowflame
  • Radadon’s Deathcap/Void staff
  • Banshee’s Veil

We’ll be covering all of the major leagues (LCS, LEC, LPL, LCK), while also checking out exciting games happening in the wildcard regions. Make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing our esports picks with you!

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