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IEM Rio 2023 Losers And Winners, A Recap

With IEM 2023 being in the books, we can finally reflect back on the tournament as a whole. We have a very deserving, yet rather unexpected winner in Vitality.

It’s fair to say that Vitality was an underdog at IEM Rio 2023. Of course, they’re a fantastic team with outstanding personalities, but that hasn’t always translated into big wins. It’s not always enough to have ZywOo go kill.

IEM Rio 2023 Losers And Winners, A Recap
Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, player for NaVi

That’s what made this run so spectacular. ZywOo was the IEM Rio 2023 MVP, but he wasn’t the only reason they won the tournament. Every player had a role to play. Spinx pulled them through the early tournament on his own, apEX was entry-fragging like he was back in EnVyUs, and veterans dupreeh and Magisk were playing like they were in their early twenties.

The BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 is just a few weeks away, so the squad couldn’t have picked a better time to get in shape. It would be an incredible homecoming for ZywOo and apEX to win the most important prize in Counter-Strike in their home nation. You wouldn’t bet against this Vitality CSGO roster if they kept playing like this.

FaZe Didn’t Look Good

FaZe’s performance in IEM Rio 2023 was nothing short of dismal. They were unlucky to meet eventual winners Vitality in the Lower Bracket, but they can only beat whoever is in front of them. And on their day, this FaZe CSGO team have shown they’re capable of beating anyone – it just wasn’t to be for them here.

They’ve suffered a string of disheartening defeats recently. Their Major RMR campaign was on the verge of failure, with them narrowly qualifying by a hair’s breadth. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with the FaZe CSGO team when so little is going right. That merely makes the problem more difficult to tackle. One thing is certain: they must get together quickly for the final CSGO Major.

FaZe cannot afford to dwell on the IEM Rio 2023 results. Yes, it was terrible. However, in CSGO, tournaments come and go quickly, and the team has an opportunity to get back on track in Paris.

IEM Rio 2023 Losers And Winners, A Recap
FaZe seen during their match against Vitality

IEM Rio 2023 saw more evidence of a NAVI revival. It wasn’t a perfect run for the squad, which was defeated by Heroic in the Semi-Finals, but it was another deep run from which the team can draw a lot of positives.

The most promising evidence is electroNic’s performance in the IGL role. He hasn’t looked like the same player since assuming the Boombl4 role. Things were different in Rio, and his numbers appeared to be as strong as ever. It’s a big if, but if he keeps it up, NAVI may be back.

Another area of concern for NAVI has been npl, but at IEM Rio 2023, he showed once again that he can compete with Tier-1 players. He’s not quite there yet, but what 17-year-old player is? He comes away from the event with an even more wonderful experience in front of a large crowd, as well as some amazing highlights for his personal reel. In the next months, we’ll be keeping a close eye on his progress.

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