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JDG Demolishes V5 while Viper Secures Victory for EDG – 2022 LPL Summer Split

All the league of legends betting fans that follow the LPL were highly anticipating today’s matchup between JDG and V5. While the latter had their strong moments in the LPL split, JDG showed why they are the current top performing League of Legends team in the 2022 LPL Summer Split standings by providing a sweep 2-0 victory against their opponents.

Viper Secures Victory for EDG

V5 began their first match with a cheeky sneak jungle invade, gaining two really early kills over their opponents. Nevertheless, JDG remained cold headed, looking to focus instead on farming so their scaling champions could buy their core items to win in the mid/late game.

JDG Demolishes V5 while Viper Secures Victory for EDG - 2022 LPL Summer Split
Park "Viper" Do-hyeon, ADC for Edward Gaming

While V5 managed to win multiple skirmishes thanks to Photic’s Kalista, their overall playstyle fell apart after they lost the first Baron spawn. JDG’s 369 on Gwen became an absolute monster against V5 in teamfights, while Hope’s Aphelios played patiently kiting the enemy from the backline all the way to a push directly to the enemy Nexus.

Game 2 had a similar storyline, as V5 secured an early gold lead over JDG thanks to Karsa’s Lee Sin and Rookie’s Sylas skirmishing prowess which secured early kills. Unfortunately for V5, poor overall positioning and lack of pressure around the map helped JDG bounce back into the game, as V5 ultimately was not able to speed up the game with their early advantage.369’s Gnar stepped up in teamfights for his team while Hope’s Kalista dealt a lot of damage. Hope walked away with a 9/2/10 KD as JDG finished game two with a win, finalizing the series.

Thanks to this victory, JDG achieved their spot in the 2022 LPL Summer Split playoffs with a 12-1 record. Nevertheless next week they take on the MSI 2022 and LPL Spring 2022 champions RNG on July 30th.

Going into the next series, it was yet another week where LNG Esports failed to advance their early game lead into a victory today. Outside of that, EDG is looking to perfect their craft as seen in their gameplay for this series. They managed to make a comeback in the first game and carried the momentum over to the second in the series, all of this finalizing into a win over their counterparts.

Their scoreline was 6-6 before the start of the League of Legends series, LNG looked to change into a new version of themselves. Their draft composition for the first game was rather interesting as Tarzan picked up Skarner for the jungle role. The first half of the match was easily in their favor as LNG built up quite a big gold lead with the help of early game kills against EDG.

Unfortunately for LNG, the match shifted after they lost a teamfight for the Hextech Dragon. From that point on, EDG went ballistic as they capitalized on all the issues clearly shown by LNG. With his 7/4/10 KD, Viper was the MVP as he just demolished the LNG lineup in the late game.

After today’s showing, EDG still has a nice shot at the 2022 LPL Summer Split. Their next series will be against Rare Atom on July 30th. After a couple of losses, LNG will look to hopefully secure a win in their next match against Team WE on July 31st.