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Karmine Corp wins first Madrid match

Karmine Corp defeated FunPlus Phoenix in their opening game at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Madrid. Karmine Corp. and FunPlus Phoenix squared off in the tournament’s opening match. Although both teams are among the best in their respective regions, prior to the game, the former was regarded as the overwhelming favorite. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!
For the next 3 matches, Karmine Corp will face one of the 3 other winners who will be revealed. When facing one of the other eliminated teams, FPX will battle to stay in the game. Eager to prove their mettle in front of the Spanish audience, a couple teams, one having defeated fan-preferred Team Heretics in the EMEA Kickoff grand finals and the other placing 2nd to EDward Gaming in the Chinese Regional, took the stage in Madrid. FPX and KC stormed into the server, eager to take the lead on the road to the playoffs.

The Chinese delegates chose Icebox as the initial map. Karmine Corp decided to start on defense, which looked like the right move after they used both of coach NaThanD’s timeouts while stopping bomb plant after bomb plant to take a 7-0 lead. After a 7–7 tie following their first successful pistol, FPX recovered from this setback by matching every round KC had taken and bouncing back from coordinated site hits. Regretfully, in the 2nd half, N4RRATE and Marteen both took center stage once more and contributed to their team’s momentum. In the 2nd half, the young players combined for 22 kills, building momentum as they won 13–8. Life was limited to doing so much on Reyna because the rest of his team was unable to keep up, even with his rating of 1.39 and ACS of 318.

Karmine Corp wins first Madrid match
Karmine Corp member, tomaszy, competing on stage

Feeling upbeat again, KC entered their defensive map of choice Lotus. This time, ironically, it was their rivals who emerged ahead, as ENGH was forced to call a timeout after just 6 rounds due to FPX’s 5-1 advantage. As the sides switched, BerLIN, who concluded his attacking half with a 1.32 rating on Omen, called fakes and team fights that gave his team a comfortable 8-4 lead. Regretfully for FPX, as Karmine Corp hauled themselves back into the half, the French supporters cheered. The second half saw N4RRATE come to life once more, this time with a rating of 1.89 and the highest ACS in the lobby (415 on Fade). FPX easily crumbled as KC grabbed every chance for an early pick and open space on the 3-site map, and they were unable to regroup and play together. In terms of defense, BerLIN had been especially silent, managing just two kills and giving up three early deaths due to isolated plays. With a strong lead established and individual contributions from every player, KC hopes to face another round one victor in order to secure a favorable playoff seed.

The dates of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Madrid are March 14–24. Eight of the top teams in the world, two from each region, are vying for a piece of the $500,000 prize pool and the three points needed to advance to the global championship.
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